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Wounded Syrians treated in Lebanon

Wounded Syrians treated in Lebanon

by Reuters

Wounded Syrians recuperate in a Tripoli home across the Lebanese border.

The men were part of a group evacuated to Lebanon over the weekend by an aid organization following heavy fighting between rebels and government forces in the city of Qusair.

Doctors treating some of the wounded in hospital say the patients are in bad shape after struggling to escape Syria with their lives.

''We have 35 wounded people and their condition is very bad. They have been in the groves for six or seven days, their wounds are septic and infected.''

Bashar al-Assad's troops recaptured Qusair last week in a major victory for his camp as the two-year uprising rages on.

Assad's victory comes amid debate over whether the international community should arm the rebels, who say they are outmatched by the military.

The recent violence has renewed calls for international peace talks between the two sides, but so far negotiators have been unable to set a date.