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India's early monsoon death toll above 100

India's early monsoon death toll above 100

by Reuters

Indians pray for the well being of flood victims after early monsoons devastate the north of the country.

Here in Uttar Pradesh, residents held up candles for the over 100 lives that have been lost, and the tens of thousands left stranded.

This man says he is here to pay homage to the victims of this calamity and that it is the responsibility of the people to provide them with relief and assistance.

In Himalayan Uttarakhand, one of the states hit hardest by the flooding, tens of thousands of tourists and pilgrims were left stranded as landslides left certain roads impassable.

Authorities here say they are working round-the-clock to clear debris so that vehicles carrying tourists can make their way to safer destinations.

But many tourists are struggling.

This man says he has been walking five or six kilometres, and will have to travel the same distance again to find transport.

The timing of the monsoon has caught many people off guard.

The India Meteoroligcal Department said this is the earliest occurrence of the monsoon on record -- the monsoon normally covers all of India by mid July.