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Syrian Kurd refugees flee in fear of al Nusra rebel group

Syrian Kurd refugees flee in fear of al Nusra rebel group

by Reuters

STORY: Thousands of Syrian Kurds are leaving their homeland behind.

With the fighting showing no signs of stopping, men, women and children are carrying their belongings to a recently opened bridge on the border with Iraqi Kurdistan.

Many of the refugees say they're fleeing because of the violence from the hard-line Islamist al Nusra Front, one of the main rebel groups opposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


"There are bodies without heads at the morgue today. Why? Which international norms and which doctrine that can justify their death? They are cutting heads. Heads of children are being cut. A group of al Nusra front has permitted the killing, the slaughtering of the Kurdish people."

One border official estimates that around 14,000 have crossed in recent days.

Others are crossing because they lack food, water and security.

One refugee says her family has tried to cross multiple times but has not made it until now.


"We left Syria because the situation is getting worse and my young brothers who are here had sent after us, telling us to come to the (Kurdish) region. We came three or four times before, but we could not cross because each time, they told us that the borders were closed and I have only just made it today."

The civil war is now in its third year and has forced nearly 2 million refugees to leave their country.