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Floods inundate Manila

Floods inundate Manila

by Reuters

Waterlogged Manila residents try to stay afloat as most of the Philippine capital is flooded.

Heavy rains have pounded the city, forcing the closure of government offices, schools and some businesses for a second day.

Some 125,000 families have been affected so far, with many evacuated to temporary shelters.

Weather forecasters have issued their highest rainfall warning for Manila, adding that severe floods and torrential rain are likely to continue soaking the city and nearby provinces.

Houses in low-lying areas have been inundated with water.


"We are afraid the floodwater will keep rising. My kids are upstairs while we're waiting for the rescue boats to come and help us evacuate."

A tropical storm is to blame for heightening annual monsoon rains that hit the region every year.

The Philippine national disaster agency said at least seven people have died near Manila due to the intense rainfall.