ACT Alliance Appeal: Assistance to refugees in Uganda from DRC, REVISION 2

by Elisabeth Gouel | | ACT Alliance - Switzerland
Tuesday, 7 January 2014 15:54 GMT

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Assistance to refugees arriving in Uganda from DRC Congo - UGA132 Revision 2
Appeal Target: US${esc.dollar}939,605                

Balance Requested: US${esc.dollar} 646,005

Geneva, 03 January 2014

On the 25th of December 2013, the Uganda rebel group that was threatening the peace in the North Kivu attacked and took control of Kamango township sparking off a massive movement of an estimated 2,000 refugees into Uganda. The refugees cross through Bundibugyo border area and are transported into the UNHCR refugee reception centre of Bubukwanga.  In response, the LWF and ACT Forum Uganda decided to develop a fourth objective to this existing appeal in order to expedite ACT’s response to the emergency and prepare for the likely scenario of up-scaled and continued fighting in DRC. This additional revision mainly focuses on provision of NFIs, emergency protection and improvement of water and sanitation related interventions at Bubukwanga transit centre. This appeal revision replaces UGA131 rev1 issued on 02 August 2013. All changes are highlighted in brown for easy reference.

Due to increased influx of DRC refugees into Uganda this ACT Appeal UGA 132 has been revised in July 2013 upon renewed fighting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC. The fighting caused a population movement of approx. 66,000 Congolese into the Albertine region of Uganda. The revised appeal has an additional objective (4) and a risk analysis in appendix 6.  The additional resources will enable the LWF and ACT Forum Uganda to expedite ACT’s response to the emergency and prepare for the likely scenario of continued fighting in DRC. This appeal replaces the previous version published on June 2013.  All changes are highlighted for easy reference.

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