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Leaving it all behind in Syria

Leaving it all behind in Syria

by Reuters

Amateur video which can not be independently verified by Reuters appears to show the aftermath of an airstrike in suburban Damascus.

It's an all too familiar scene in a country ravaged by war.

Broken buildings, rubble lined streets -- it's a study in loss and it's the kind of scene that has caused millions to flee the country.

Some have found refuge in Iraq. At least 13,000 people are now living in this refugee camp in the north.

Everyone in the camp comes with a story, most are tragic.

Suleiman Abbas Abdullah and his wife fled the fighting in Syria last year after their daughter was killed in a bombing in Idlib. They packed all of their life belongings into one bag.


"The thing we miss the most is our children. I cry every time I talk to them, two of them are in Turkey, one died, two in Syria and us here. It's very difficult… we had to run away, we are safe now, life is not about money or anything else, it's about living with dignity."

For millions of Syrians have lost everything dignity may be the one thing they can hold on to after close to three years of war.