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UN says South Sudan violence horrific

UN says South Sudan violence horrific

by Reuters

This is Bentiu in South Sudan, virtually a ghost town, days after it was recaptured by the army from rebels.

Bodies have been left to rot on a roadside.

A UN human rights official visits and raises concerns about civilians who are caught in the conflict.


"The situation that I have seen in Bentiu is an illustration of the horrors of such a situation. We have seen two communities being successfully targeted by different forces having in common sufferings of innocent civilians."

Weeks of fighting often along ethnic lines have raised fears that it could spiral into a civil war.

In Juba, a group of 25 Nepalese peacekeepers arrive to reinforce the UN operation. Hundreds more troops are expected.

Though there is no official toll, as many as 10,000 people may have been killed in the conflict that erupted last December.

More than 400,000 people have been displaced.

It started when President Salva Kiir fired his vice president Riek Machar and other ministers, who were accused of attempting a coup.