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Syrian government says will allow women, children out of Homs

Syrian government says will allow women, children out of Homs

by Reuters

On the second day of face to face talks between Syria's warring rivals -- an agreement about how to handle civilians trapped inside one of the country's most besieged city.

"Hopefully, starting tomorrow women and children will be able to leave the old city in Homs. And I hope that the rest of the civilians will be able to leave soon after that," International mediator Lakhdar Brahimi said.

While the announcement is seen as progress ---it came with a fair amount of finger-pointing about which side is responsible for the devastation.

"Look the old city of Homs is our city. It is not a city in another corner of the world and all the destruction you have seen in the result of the shelling by the armed groups who were destroying everything, including the churches and the mosques, the hospitals and the schools. So, it's a big lie that the government is shelling these people," Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal Makdad said. 

Humanitarian aid- considered one of the less contentious issues - dominated the first two days ahead of what will undoubtedly be heated discussions about the country's future.

''Tomorrow we start talking about transition from dictatorship to democracy. Clearly the regime is not enthusiastic to talk about that. They are stalling, they are trying to use delay tactics, trying to go into details about information that can't be verified, they are asking about names, a list of names of people who were blockaded rather than providing humanitarian corridors," Louay Safi, spokesperson for the Syrian National Coalition said.

Brahimi attempted to manage expectations, and declined to share a timeline for the rest of the talks.