ACT Alliance Appeal: South Sudan Conflict Response

by Elisabeth Gouel | | ACT Alliance - Switzerland
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 08:30 GMT

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South Sudan

South Sudan Conflict Response – SSD141
Appeal Target: US${esc.dollar}{esc.dollar}{esc.dollar}9,176,186    
Balance Requested: US${esc.dollar}{esc.dollar}{esc.dollar}7,274,821    

Geneva, 7th February 2014

The conflict in South Sudan has caused thousands of civilians to be displaced. UNOCHA estimates that 575,500 people have been displaced by the ongoing violence, including 57,000 taking refuge in UNMISS compounds mainly in Juba, Bor, Bentiu and Pariang. Displacement and humanitarian needs continue to rise in a population that was already vulnerable with very limited access to basic services.

Heavy armed fighting broke out in Juba on 15 December 2013, with gunfire and shelling reported in several parts of the city and later spread to other states in South Sudan. The violence continued for weeks and has caused thousands of civilians to be displaced. The cause of this conflict and the resulting ethnic clashes is said to be due to a power struggle between President Salva Kiir, an ethnic Dinka, and his ex-deputy Riek Machar, an ethnic Nuer.

ACT members; NCA, WORLD RENEW, DCA, FCA, LWF, ICCO, CHRISTIAN AID  and their partners, are appealing to ACT Alliance for a total amount of ${esc.dollar}{esc.dollar}{esc.dollar}7,274,821 to upscale their ongoing humanitarian response activities. Two national members in South Sudan; SSCC and PRDA are currently working on their projects to this coordinated appeal and, will in the meantime, work as partners to the requesting members.  
The funds requested will be used to help internally displaced persons and host communities in severely conflict affected areas in South Sudan to have access to essential life-saving items, reduce vulnerability and for them to realize safety and human dignity.  The members have been working since the crisis began and have managed to raise ${esc.dollar}{esc.dollar}{esc.dollar}1,901,365 out of a total appeal budget of ${esc.dollar}{esc.dollar}{esc.dollar}9,176,186.  The assistance provided will reach an estimated 310,000 direct beneficiaries in various locations in Warrap, Eastern Equatoria, Central Equatoria, Lakes, Jonglei, Western Equatoria and Unity states (see map in the appendix).

Appeal activities are in the sectors of: food, non food items, WASH, Education, Child Protection, shelter, Psycho-social support, Early Recovery & Reintegration, Advocacy, Coordination, health.

This full appeal replaces the Preliminary Appeal issued on 6 January 2014. It is now re posted on 25 February as a revised version to the one issued on 7 February, reflecting changes on the implementation period to one full year for all members and a few changes under communications and visibility, security and staff welfare.


For the full appeal document, please click here.