ACT Alliance Alert: Assistance to IDPs and returnees in North Kivu Province, DRC

by Elisabeth Gouel | | ACT Alliance - Switzerland
Thursday, 13 February 2014 11:01 GMT

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Democratic Republic of Congo  

Assistance to Internal Displaced People (IDPs) and returnees in North Kivu Province

Geneva, 12 February 2014

1.    Brief description of the emergency and impact

The ongoing fighting between Ugandan ADF NALU rebels and the Forces Armées de la République Démocratique du Congo ( FARDC) in Kamango region , since December 2013, has caused displacement and insecurity  and has limited the populations’ access to their fields  for food production. It is estimated that 7,343 households are displaced.

In contrast, in Ruchuru and Nyiragongo territories, there is remarkable movement of IDPs returning to their home villages from IDP camps, from Uganda and from Rwanda. It is estimated that 11,760 returnee households are still in Nobili and its outskirts.

2.    Why is an ACT response needed?

The concentration of the population in these areas has generated a serious problem of protection, water, food security and nutrition and the people are in need of urgent assistance.  ACT appeal funding will ensure continuity of the ongoing activities by ACT members in coordination with UN and other NGOs.

3.    National and international response

Different national and international NGOs are responding as follows:
In Beni area: WFP and NRC are providing food Items in Nobili town, RRMP is providing NFI and monitoring the population movement and Merlin is providing medical assistance through mobile clinics.
In Rutshuru Territory: UN Inter-clusters Needs Assessments was carried out in Nyiragongo and Rusthuru Territories in early January 2014. A response Plan is being developed by OCHA that will be guiding document for all humanitarian actors in different axis.
A local NGO, named CEDERU is responding in food security with OXFAM -NOVIB funding, UNICEF/PRONANUT is responding in Nutrition.
VDCO with support from UNICEF is active in Protection of children from mobilization by armed groups.  SOLIDARITES in partnership with RRMP are providing NFI.
In Walikale Territory: NRC is responding in Food Security and NFI for 1000 households, MSF is providing medical assistance and nutrition. AVSI is working in Education, FFGC in protection, PPSP in WASH, and IELDA in rehabilitation.

4.    ACT Alliance response

LWF is working in Nutrition, Wash, Food Security, Shelters, Nutrition and Psychosocial activities. They are carrying out a preliminary needs assessment in the region of Kamango and is working in coordination with other agencies led by UNOCHA,
BOAD will provide 600 host households with seeds in the upcoming agricultural season in February 2014, in Ntamugenga /Rusthuru areas.
NCA is providing WASH to IDPs in Birambizo and Rutchuru territories.
Christian Aid is working in protection and Food Security sectors in Rutchuru territory with host families.
Finn Church Aid is working in protection by providing legal assistance and psychosocial support to the survivors of sexual violence in Rutshuru though its local partner DFJ (Dynamique des Femmes Juristes).

5.    Planned activities

Provide relief supplies to the displaced population (fleeing the conflict) and affected households.
 LWF and BOAD will respond in Beni and Rusthuru in Nutrition, Food Security, Wash, Psychosocial support, NFI, Protection, peace building as well as preparedness in the areas with a high potential of ethnic conflict.

6.    Constraints


Any funding indication or pledge should be communicated to Jean-Daniel Birmele, Director of Finance (