ACT Alliance Rapid Response Fund Payment for Storm survivors in Burundi

by Elisabeth Gouel | | ACT Alliance - Switzerland
Wednesday, 19 February 2014 15:37 GMT

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Rapid Response Fund Payment Request No. 03/2014

Funds Sent To: The Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi
Amount Sent: US$ 60,000

Date: 19 February 2014

Details of Response

Emergency: Assistance to storm survivors in Burundi

Date of Emergency: 13 February 2014

ACT Requesting Members: ACT Forum Burundi


The population residing in the surrounding areas of the capital city of Bujumbura, precisely in the communes of Mutimbuzi, Isale, Kinama and Kamenge experienced Sunday 9th February night one of the most heavy rain falls and thunder ever in history. At least 124 people are reported dead and injured after floods and landslides hit the outskirt of the capital. As the situation is not clear, it is not possible to give accurate figures since bodies may still be hidden in the mud or under debris. People of all ages including children have been hospitalized. Hospitals do not have sufficient capacities to secure them. Many people have lost family members. Surviving children were left on their own with no help.

Report (not official figures) states that 2 500 households are affected, meaning 12 500 people without shelter.  Household equipment including kitchen items, clothes, school material and other belongings were swept away. Water and mud flowing down the hills have washed away at least 1 159 houses according to information received from victims and local Administration. This disaster has affected the poorest population of the society and hence the most vulnerable to such a torrent not predicted rain.   

In addition to the above disasters also social infrastructures such as roads and public facilities like offices, schools, water and electricity plants are also affected. Main crops, like rice, cassava, maize, beans, nuts etc.; and small domestic animals were also swept away at 100%.

The population touched by the natural disaster has lost their already few belongings as well as their homes. Those who cannot find shelter with other families or relatives are condemned to live under plastic sheets, while others have been lodged by friends, churches or various social centers. Three water sources have been destroyed preventing potable water to communities. Three schools are closed because of the floor covered of 1m layer of mud and sand. Toilets are completely also destroyed.

This disaster has also caused a landslide of 12 hills of the Isale Commune causing the destruction of the crops, the houses and the death of the people who lived there. The affected hills are Mvuramazi, Rugomero, Busenga, Gihinda, Nyabagere, Nyarusagamba, Nyamigezi, Kanenga, Benga, Sagara, Buyimba and Kibuye. The weather forecast reports that this heavy rain will continue.

The Burundi Red Cross, Government  and police rescue unit has been working on life saving, evacuation of the dead bodies and searched for missed people in the mud. They report that the victims are mostly children.

Geographic areas are: Kamenge, Kinama, , Mutimbuzi and Isale Communes in the hills of Gatunguru, Gahahe, Gasenyi, Tenga rural, Nyabunyegeri, Vugizo, Muyange, Mushasha, Bugoma, Maramvya, Mutara, Rudahima, Kirekura, Maramvya, Gishingano and Kwigere.

An ACT Forum meeting was held and all the five ACT members gathered for discussion on action to be taken. The challenge was that there is no stock for emergency intervention for the forum. However Pastors and Christians encouraged their churches and other members to collect both food and non-food items (clothes, school items, cooking tools etc) to take care of the affected people.  With all these efforts, the victims still need a lot that the people of Burundi cannot provide at this moment.

Preliminary results of the Rapid Needs Assessment and a summary of overall emergency needs:
Temporary Shelter; Cloths
Potable water
Food and
Non-food items (hygiene kit for women, kitchen tools)


Contribute to rehabilitate human dignity in the aftermath of a natural disaster in Bujumbura commune of Mutimbuzi in the hills of Gatunguru, Gahahe and Gasenyi.

Members: CA, The Province of the Anglican Church, CNEB
•    Objective 1: Contribute to restore basic households’ assets through cash distributions

Member: NCA
•    Objective 2: WASH - contribute to prevent diseases linked to power sanitation

For the full document on this response, please click here.