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Angelina Jolie speaks up for Syria and Lebanon

Angelina Jolie speaks up for Syria and Lebanon

by Reuters

After visiting Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Angelina Jolie urged the international community to support the nation.

 Jolie, said "Lebanon, as you know, has the highest concentration of refugees of any country in the world in recent history. That is an extraordinary thing. We must do all the we can to support them.

Jolie spoke in her capacity as the special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees - and also mentioned the recent U.N. Security Council's rare unity on Syria, when Russia and China supported the adoption of a resolution to boost aid access in the war torn country.

"I hope that - and I welcome - the Security Council resolution, but as of one of the refugee men said to me: 'For now for us it is only a piece of paper and until it is implemented and until we see change that is all it is, but we are grateful and we hope that it does make a difference for us.' So, I am grateful and I hope it does make a difference."

Syrian refugees now make up about a quarter of Lebanon's own population, which stands near four million.