CEE, Nordic, Baltic mins condemn Crimea referendum plans

by Reuters
Friday, 7 March 2014 10:54 GMT

NARVA, Estonia, March 7 (Reuters) - Foreign ministers from central Europe, the Baltics and Nordics condemned on Friday Russia's military intervention in the Ukraine and a planned referendum called by Crimea's government.

"Nordic and Baltic countries and the Visegrad countries' foreign ministers condemned today ... the attack on Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and also condemned the illegal referendum on the joining of Crimea with Russia," the joint statement said.

Foreign ministers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, known as the Visegrad Four, and from the Nordics and Baltics met on Friday at the Estonian town of Narva on the Russian border.

Crimea's parliament voted on Thursday to join Russia, and its Moscow-backed government set a referendum in 10 days, escalating of the crisis over the Ukrainian region drawing fierce criticism from U.S. President Barack Obama. (Reporting by Marcin Goettig and David Mardiste; Editing by Alistair Scrutton)

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