Ukrainian demonstrators clash in eastern city, one dead

by Reuters
Thursday, 13 March 2014 19:46 GMT

DONETSK, Ukraine, March 13 (Reuters) - One person was killed and several were treated for injuries in hospital on Thursday when hundreds of Ukrainian demonstrators clashed in the eastern city of Donetsk, the local health authority said.

Several hundred people chanting slogans praising Russian President Vladimir Putin clashed with a similar-sized crowd condemning Moscow's takeover of Crimea on a central square in the mainly Russian-speaking industrial city.

It was unclear how the dead person was killed. Protesters broke through a police cordon keeping the two sides apart. It was the first death reported in recent Ukrainian violence outside of the capital, Kiev.

(Reporting by Lina Kushch; Writing by Alastair Macdonald; Editing by Ron Popeski)

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