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On third anniversary of Syrian war, residents yearn for peace

On third anniversary of Syrian war, residents yearn for peace

by Reuters

It's been three years to the day, since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began but Syrians in the northern city of Aleppo are still burdened by the war.

Jouma Rahal, an ambulance driver, was wounded while ferrying the sick and injured. It took him six months to recover.

But he is one of the lucky ones....this cemetry is dedicated to the residents who died fighting in the conflict.


"We started the revolution as a spontaneous act. Our feelings don't allow for us to see the people killed in Deraa and other areas and not do anything. So the people stood up to help their brothers in other areas. We started it as a peaceful revolution. But the regime used machinery to kill people in the face of a peaceful protest. We started it as a peaceful movement and wanted to stop it peacefully, but the regime doesn't want it to stop peacefully."

Rahal's young daughter also yearns for peace and the semblance of a normal life.


"I want this war to stop and I want to go to the school and play with my friends."

As Rahal stands amid the devastation he talks of the hardships the residents of Aleppo have suffered, shortages of medicine, water and electricity.

Aleppo, which has been divided into opposition and loyalist-controlled sectors since mid-2012, is one of the harder hit areas.

But rights groups say that more than 136,000 people have been killed in the last three years and still the fighting shows no signs of letting up.