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An infected victim of Syria's three-year civil war

An infected victim of Syria's three-year civil war

by Reuters

This infected child is a victim of Syria's three-year long civil war.

There's little his mother can do to help in their refugee camp in Lebanon.

She says she'd go back to Syria, if she could.


"If the crisis ends now, I would go back and stay in a tent but I will keep my dignity. We want this crisis to end and to live in our houses with dignity and freedom."

The U.N. has been pushing to increase cross-border humanitarian aid access for civilians trapped inside Syria.

Where officials say more than nine million people inside Syria are in need of aid.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees:


"For all borders to be open to Syrians and in particular to Syrian children. To see Syrian children drowning in the Mediterranean today after fleeing the dramatic conflict in Syria is something totally unacceptable. Borders need to be opened everywhere, visa policies need to be opened everywhere."

The Syrian government has reportedly agreed to allow supplies to come through a Turkish border post in northeastern Syria.

It's a small step towards the implementation of a U.N. resolution passed in February to boost cross-border aid access.