Selling oranges: full of vitamins for children

by Terre des hommes | Terre des hommes (Tdh) - Switzerland
Wednesday, 19 March 2014 14:14 GMT

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Again this year during its traditional orange sale, Terre des hommes (Tdh) has been able to count on the tireless commitment of volunteers and partner companies as well as on the generosity of members of the general public with their many donations in support of the foundation’s health projects. On behalf of the entire Tdh team, we say THANK YOU!

Thanks to all of you, Tdh has held its traditional orange sale for 52 years. Starting as an initiative by a group of friends to support children without access to health services (in the context of the war in Algeria), the orange sale has become a nationwide, large-scale event. On March 14th and 15th, more than 1,500 volunteers staffed over 250 orange stands all across Switzerland.

A valuable commitment

Our volunteers did not hesitate to commit fully to insure the success of this national campaign. As an example, one of our volunteers made piñatas in the shape of oranges to attract and delight young and old alike.

The stands were staffed in good spirits by our volunteer groups who convinced passersby of the importance of Tdh’s child protection projects. According to Hélène, 82 years old, on the street just next to Tdh for 50 years, the key to success is: “With a good team and a good network, you can sell a lot of oranges”, says Hélène, 82 years of age, 50th time she has been selling oranges. Passersby have responded positively to the call for support launched by Tdh. “This year, I ’m pleasantly surprised to see the strongly favorable response of passersby to our orange sales. This campaign, deeply rooted in tradition, is very favorably received and attracts quite a crowd!” observes Emmanuelle Schatzmann, head of the orange sale project at Terre des hommes.

Social responsibility

More than 1,100 companies have supported the Tdh orange sale by purchasing cartons of the nutritious fruit to distribute to their employees. In particular, we would like to thank Pharmacie Plus who has been supporting us for more than 10 years, DPD for organising the delivery of oranges to various companies,Edwards Lifesciences for their generous financial support as well as Coop, our supplier of oranges.

We also thank RSR and Red FM for their support in promoting the orange sale.

A brief overview of the event through photos:

Oranges, symbol of vitality

The money raised by the event will be committed fully to Tdh health projects in three key areas of emphasis: the right to health and the fight against malnutrition; access to water, sanitation and hygiene; and support for children in need of specialized care (

With your support , we can continue to conduct our health projects in 18 countries (Afghanistan , Bangladesh, Benin , Burkina Faso , Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Guinea , Haiti , India, Kenya , Morocco , Mauritania, Nepal , Pakistan, Senegal , Sri Lanka , Togo ) and thereby help more than 900,000 children. In addition, we can finance surgical operations in Switzerland and Europe for children unable to be treated in their own country.