The Ebola virus in Guinea: «The situation is of very high concern»

by Terre des hommes | Terre des hommes (Tdh) - Switzerland
Monday, 24 March 2014 15:10 GMT

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The Ebola virus in Guinea: «The situation is of very high concern»

The epidemic of the haemorrhagic fever that has extended in the south of the country since the beginning of February appears to be the Ebola virus.«This is the worst news that one could expect as we know that this virus is the most deadly virus for human beings»regrets Olivier Feynerol, head of the Terre des hommes delegation in Guinea (

According to a provisional assessment at least 59 out of 80 people who contracted Ebola have died so far ( Three of the deceased have been children. This virus spreads like wildfire. Extremely contagious, the infection from one person to another happens via contact with dirty objects or body fluids of the infected persons. Medical staff is often among the first victims. 8 so far have already been killed.«In case of a country like Guinea with an already very weak health infrastructure, a fight against this virus is even more complicated»explains Olivier Feynerol.

Terre des hommes, who has been active in the affected areas of the forests of Guinea since the nineties, has not lost anybody so far. Neither has any person working for a partner association nor any children who have been supported by Tdh’s projects been affected.«For the moment, we apply the measures recommended by WHO: we limit unnecessary travels and implement very strict hygiene measures. Nevertheless, we are able to follow the development of the situation very closely».

As a matter of fact, several suspicious cases have been detected at Conakry and they are about to be analysed by the competent authorities.«If it will prove true that the Ebola virus reaches the capital with its two million inhabitants, the situation will take a totally different turn, unprecedented and most dramatic. This would be the first time Ebola hits a city of such a scale. The consequences would be drastic»alerts Olivier Feynerol. «Nevertheless, we must not allow psychosis to take hold and to spread in Conakry, nothing has been proven at the moment».

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