ACT Alliance Alert: Intense Tropical Cyclone "Hellen", Madagascar

by Elisabeth Gouel | | ACT Alliance - Switzerland
Thursday, 3 April 2014 13:29 GMT

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Intense Tropical Cyclone ‘Hellen’

Geneva, 3 April 2014

1.    Brief description of the emergency and impact

Tropical Cyclone “Hellen” hit Madagascar on 30 March with strong winds and heavy rains. Severe damages were reported in the districts of Boeny and Melaky regions. Most areas are still inaccessible. The Office of the National Government Disaster and Risk Management (BNGRC) has been convening meetings on a daily basis to share information on the impact.  

2.    Why is an ACT response needed?

Information on the extent of the damages to homes, schools, churches and roads is still being gathered and compiled by the BNGRC and other international organisations including ACT members SAF –FJKM and Voina Mahatratra/FLM (Lutheran Church of Madagascar).

3.    National and international response

Through the coordination of BNGRC, the international and national NGOs have dispatched personnel to the affected areas to provide care, evacuation, rescue of isolated people and damage assessment. SAF/FJKM units in the affected areas are carrying out onsite assessments.

4.    ACT Alliance response

ACT members, SAF-FJKM and Voina Mahatratra/FLM), in collaboration with other operational international and local NGOs are planning to respond to this disaster. A Rapid Response Funds application is being prepared.

5.    Planned activities

The main activities will include needs assessment and providing lifesaving items such as food, medicines, clothes and blankets.

6.    Constraints

The main constraint is inaccessibility of the affected areas as roads have been washed way.

Any funding indication or pledge should be communicated to Jean-Daniel Birmele, Director of Finance (