ACT Alliance Rapid Response Fund Payment for Intense Tropical Cyclone "Helen" in Madagascar

by Elisabeth Gouel | | ACT Alliance - Switzerland
Friday, 11 April 2014 15:30 GMT

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Rapid Response Fund Payment Request No. 05/2014

Funds Sent To: SAF/FJKM

Amount Sent: US$ 51,422    

Date: 11 April 2014    

Details of Response

Emergency: Intense Tropical Cyclone “Helen” in Madagascar    

Date of Emergency: 30 March 2014    

ACT Requesting Member: SAF/FJKM



Tropical Cyclone ‘Hellen’ hit Madagasacar on 30 March, 2014 with heavy rains accompanied by strong  winds of 290km/hr, diameter of 1,000 km and a displacement of 19km/hr causing severe damage and massive flooding in most parts of north west of Madagascar.  The most affected area in the north western part of Madagascar is in the region of Boeny.  Seven (7) districts most affected are Mahajanga I, Mahajanga II, Soalala, Mitsonji, Marovoay, Tsaratanana (Betsiboka), and Analalava.

The most recent situation report of the Office of the National Government Disaster and Risk Management (BNGRC) of 05 April, 2014 gives the following preliminary impact in the districts indicated in brackets: three people dead (Soalala); eight people missing (Soalala); 2,141 victims with the following breakdown (704 Mahajanga I, 385 Mitsinjo, 882 Soalala, 70 Analalava, 30 Marovoay and 70 Tsaratanàna); 1,736 homeless with the following breakdown (704 Mahajanga I, 50 Mitsinjo, 882 Soalala, 70 Analalava and 30 Marovoay); 437 houses totally destroyed (67 Mitsinjo and 370 Soalala); 14 houses roofs blown off (Analalava); 160 houses flooded (100 Mahajanga I and 60 Mitsinjo); five schools roofs blown off (1 Mahajanga and 4 Soalala); one school destroyed (Mahajanga II); two schools damaged  (1 Mitsinjo and 1 Soalala); six administrative buildings roofs blown off (Analalava); 5,515 ha of rice fields flooded (1,500 ha Marovoay, 53 ha Mitsinjo and 3,962 ha Soalala); 114 ha of fields flooded (112 ha Soalala and 2 ha Mitsinjo); one dyke damaged (Soalala); one dam damaged (Soalala); one boat missing (Mitsinjo) and; 23 cows dead (Soalala).


The collection of the data from the affected districts by the National Office of Management of the Risks and of the Disasters (BNGRC) has been intensified in collaboration with its partners of which SAF/FJKM and FLM are members and, at the same time, the development of the situation has been monitored closely.


To provide food and non-food assistance to affected children, pregnant women and breast feeding mothers.


-    To provide immediate food and non-food assistance to affected people in areas currently not covered.
-    To meet the nutritional requirements for the targeted families


For the first phase (food assistance) is planned to provide 350 grams of rice and 70 grams of beans per person/day for a period of 3 months. This corresponds to 71% of the daily required calories and 78% of the daily required proteins. The objective is to restore the life of the affected people with improvements or at least to the level in which they were before the disaster and/or in line with the existing common standards of the area

Clothing and mosquito nets (NFI items) will be distributed to all the beneficiaries in equal proportion of which 317 are women, 177 men and 210 children.

For the full document and budget, please click here.