Most of Europe to see warmer than normal early summer - WSI

by Reuters
Tuesday, 22 April 2014 09:18 GMT

* But western France, Iberia and UK could see wet and windy weather

* El Nino not to have a big impact on Europe

LONDON, April 22 (Reuters) - Most of Europe is expected to see above normal temperatures in early summer although far western regions in France, Iberia and Britain could see slightly colder than usual conditions, Weather Services International (WSI) said on Tuesday.

Above-normal temperatures are expected across Scandinavia, most of mainland Europe and the southeast of the continent for the May to July period, with slightly below-normal temperatures confined to western France, Iberia, and parts of Britain and Ireland, WSI said in its latest seasonal forecast.

"We expect that wet/windy/cloudy will be more favored across the north and west and that drier/calmer/sunnier weather will be the rule across eastern locations," said WSI meteorologist Todd Crawford.

"The impending El Nino event will likely not have a significant impact on Europe for the upcoming summer, although we will monitor the potential impacts later in the year," he added.

The El Nino weather phenomenon, characterised by unusually warm surface temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, has a significant impact on climate in many parts of the world and a warming influence on global temperatures.

A majority of weather forecasting models indicate that an El Nino weather pattern may develop around the middle of the year.

Below is the regional breakdown by WSI:


Nordics-Warmer than normal

Britain-Warmer than normal

Northern mainland-Cooler for West France, warmer elsewhere

Southern mainland-Cooler for Iberia, warmer elsewhere


Nordics-Warmer than normal

Britain-Cooler than normal

Northern Mainland-Warmer, apart from western France

Southern Mainland-Warmer, apart from Iberia


Nordics-Warmer than normal

Britain-Warmer than normal

Northern Mainland-Warmer, apart from western France

Southern Mainland-Warmer than normal, except for Iberia (Reporting by Henning Gloystein; Editing by Louise Heavens)

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