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As Mothers weep, Nigeria's president pledges to free kidnapped girls

As Mothers weep, Nigeria's president pledges to free kidnapped girls

by Reuters

Grief-stricken mothers of more than 200 kidnapped Nigerian school girls come together for support.

...Demanding a speedy invention from their government.

They came to Chibok Secondary School, pleading Nigerian forces to step-up their efforts to bring their children home safely.

This, as Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan pledges to find them.

At the same time, thanking delegates for attending the World Economic Forum in the capital of Abuja.


"If you refuse to come because of fear, the terrorists would have jubilated and even would have committed more havoc. But your coming here to support us morally is a major blow on the terrorists and by God's grace we will conquer the terrorists."

The capital is in a virtual lockdown while the conference continues.

Kicked out of their protest venue, this group campaigning for the girls' release say they will continue despite the lockdown.


"The battle to salvage our country from Boko Haram and corruption is a battle of no retreat, no surrender. No amount of intimidation, harassment arrest or re-arrest will detract our attention from championing this democratic cause."

Boko Haram's leader has threatened to sell the girls "on the market," which, the United Nations warns, would make the perpetrators liable for war crimes.