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IMF chief visits refugee camp in Jordan

IMF chief visits refugee camp in Jordan

by Reuters

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde meets with officials and refugees in Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp.

Jordan hosts at least 600,000 registered Syrian refugees.

She's here to learn about the difficulties and challenges of managing and living in the camp.


"My visit to Zaatari is very important to understand the circumstances, under which humanitarian aid is used, how the refugees cope with the current situation, and it puts the finger on how difficult it is for them, what hardship they go through, and it certainly reinforces my determination to try to help as much as we can in our capacity."

Lagarde also visited a supermarket and a high school where Syrian refugees study alongside local Jordanian students.

The United Nations has recently called for $6.5 billion in aid for Syria and the region.

The IMF is working with Jordan on a reform of its economy.