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Video: A story from flood-hit Serbia

Video: A story from flood-hit Serbia

by ShelterBox | @ShelterBox | ShelterBox

A ShelterBox response team has been in Serbia delivering emergency shelter and other vital equipment to families made homeless by last month’s Balkan floods.

Whilst carrying out needs assessments, one team found several isolated villages tucked away in the north-west corner of Serbia, which had received little help in the wake of the crisis. One displaced man from Mali Zvornik tells his story of what happened during the flooding that caused several landslides in the area in the video above. 

Another team is currently overseeing the provision of tents that will allow residents to remain close to their houses so that, as the water subsides, the process of recovery can begin. Water purification kits, mosquito nets and solar lights are the other basic necessities, which will help villagers to start rebuilding their lives and their communities.