Jorat Theater: Corsican group I Muvrini lends its voice to support children

by Terre des hommes | Terre des hommes (Tdh) - Switzerland
Monday, 23 June 2014 15:17 GMT

Tdh/Odile Meylan

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Tonight, as it has for the past several years, the Jorat Theater is holding a gala show to support a local association in the French speaking part of Switzerland. This year, the evening’s proceeds will be devoted entirely to support Terre des hommes’ specialized care program. The Corsican group I Muvrini (named after a species of wild sheep in Corsica) is lending its voice to children who cannot receive the necessary medical care in their own country and are brought to Switzerland for treatment.

Music to support the Rights of the Child

"Tonight, the spirit and Corsican songs of the group I Muvrini will create a magnificent link between music and children's rights around the world" commented Vito Angelillo, director general of Terre des hommes.

Singing in their own language, rooted in the uniqueness of their culture and opening doors to the world -- this is the way embodied by I Muvrini and its members. In them we can see Corsica and the strength of polyphonic singing that is the source of their inspiration. There are also traces of their father, Ghjuliu Bernardini, accomplished poet and singer who shaped their voices in their village, Tagliu Isulaccia.

For its only performance in Switzerland, the Corsican group chose to produce an intimate production in the Jorat Theater. This sublime and very special venue will undoubtedly enhance the quality of the vocal acoustics and highlight the beauty of their polyphonic sound. The evening is already completely sold out!

Tdh’s specialized care program

Terre des hommes wishes to express its sincere thanks to the Jorat Theater, the group I Muvrini and the Tdh volunteers for their contribution to the “Journey to life” for hundreds of children each year.

For over 60 years, Terre des hommes has facilitated access to specialized care for disadvantaged children through treatment in European hospitals as well as by organizing surgical missions to transfer competencies. In 2013, 256 children were brought to Europe for treatment, including 210 to Switzerland.

Terre des hommes brings about a positive change in the lives of over two million children and their family members each year. Learn more about our projects in specialized care.