Iraq’s displaced families to receive ShelterBox aid

by ShelterBox | @ShelterBox | ShelterBox
Friday, 27 June 2014 16:34 GMT

IRAQ KURDISTAN. SEPTEMBER 2013. ShelterBox had aid prepositioned in the Iraq Kurdistan leftover from its last response in the country when it provided shelter for Syrian refugees in August 2013 at Qushtapa camp near Erbil, pictured here. (Simon Clarke/ShelterBox)

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ShelterBox aid prepositioned in the Kurdistan region of Iraq is imminently being distributed by an in-country partner to bring shelter to families displaced by the country’s recent conflict.

Fighting between armed opposition groups have forced many families to head north to Iraq Kurdistan to seek safety.

ShelterBox tents and kitchen sets already stored in the country as contingency stocks whilst the Syria crisis continues to feed instability in the region are now being used to help some of the thousands of Iraqi families internally displaced.

‘Whilst preparing to deliver aid with a long-standing partner, we are also exploring several other options to respond to the needs of large numbers of displaced people in different parts of the region,’ said ShelterBox response team member Phil Duloy in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

'People need help now'

‘People need help now and having prepositioned aid in the country already has allowed us to respond quickly to some of the shelter needs,’ added response team member Malcolm Shead. ‘A further 1,000 tents are being sent next week to help more people across multiple locations that are experiencing waves of displaced families who are currently sleeping in the open as the collective shelters are full.’

Thank you to all of our kind supporters for enabling us to carry out our disaster relief work and bring shelter and comfort to families made homeless by disaster and humanitarian crisis.