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Gazans face water crisis

Gazans face water crisis

by Reuters

Israeli warplanes pound Gaza again overnight.

The conflict's taking its toll not just on lives but on Gaza's already-run-down infrastructure.

The International Committee of the Red Cross is warning the whole population faces a desperate water shortage within days.


"Water is a problem and it can quickly turn out into a catastrophe. We do have hundreds of thousands of people in Gaza without water so water repairs have been conducted in very difficult conditions, water engineers have been killed and this has obviously hampered a lot of work."

As Israel again hit Gaza with bombs and leaflets on Wednesday there were also fears about raw sewage.

The ICRC says 90 million litres of it is flowing into the sea daily because there's no electricity to treat it.

With the collapse of an Egyptian-proposed truce on Tuesday there seems little hope of an end any time soon.

Israeli army footage shows what appeared to be air strikes on Palestinian militant weapons caches in Gaza.

Israel's threatening to intensify its offensive in a conflict that's killed at least 188 mostly-civilian Palestinians and, on Tuesday, one Israeli.