India: a dual-use toilet

by Terre des hommes | Terre des hommes (Tdh) - Switzerland
Friday, 29 August 2014 10:51 GMT

Terre des hommes

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Did you know that in rural areas of the India, only one family in four has toilets? In the slum of Jagadalpur Padia,for example, there is no access to safe water sources. Terre des hommes (Tdh) has therefore created the health infrastructure to ensure that the water consumed by the inhabitants is not contaminated with feces and thus protect their health.

Ecological dry toilets

«The lack of washrooms can cause major public health problems», says Willy Bergone, head of the Tdh delegation in India. In a region plagued by floods, the water can easily be contaminated by feces, resulting in many diseases (diarrhea, etc.). Since 2010, Tdh has undertaken the construction of latrines to compensate for the dramatic health situation. 3092 people in 10 villages were already able to benefit from the project.

Tdh has recently introduced ecological dry toilets in the village of Regullanka. These innovative toilets allow do not consume water and also have the advantage of recycling waste matter which is usually discharged into sewers and requires wastewater treatment operations. Recycled feces are reused as natural, ecological fertilizer to be used by the population in agriculture.

One hundred and seven families now have eco-toilets in Regullanka, the first village in India to have adopted such toilets. The idea makes is making headway. In the slum of Jagadalpur Padia, Tdh has set up 16 toilet of the same kind with his partner CHESTA.

Children, promoters of hygiene measures

Tdh's work does not stop at the construction of toilets. Training, information and awareness sessions are provided to the communities. It is important Tdh that once the initial infrastructure is in place, the population appropriates the use of sanitary facilities.

Children are important ambassadors of hygiene promotion. Tdh supports the training of groups of children in 16 schools. Up until now, 1095 children have taken part in the program, they convey the importance of the use of dry toilets and inform residents on some hygiene practices. In addition, groups of children are responsible for cleaning sanitary facilities in schools.

A donation of 600 francs would help fund the construction of an Ecosan toilet. Thank you for your generous support!