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Climate diplomat: The man in the corridor

Climate diplomat: The man in the corridor

by Tristan Martin | @tristanjmartin | Thomson Reuters Foundation

In December 2015, 196 delegations met in Paris to forge a historic climate deal. Whilst the world’s media focused on the likes of the United States, China and Saudi Arabia, we decided to see what the world of climate negotiations looks like from a less well-documented perspective.

Our guide to the art of climate diplomacy would be Tosi Mpanu Mpanu, the lead negotiator for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As the former chair of the African Group of countries, and current chair of the 48 Least Developed Countries, Tosi is no stranger to the climate change process. He is at the heart of efforts to ensure developing nations don't end up footing the bill for carbon emissions they never produced.

We meet Tosi, who has already worked non-stop for two weeks, during the last few days of the conference, just as an agreement is coming into sight.

Over two days in the corridors of the U.N. climate conference (known as COP21), we catch a glimpse of the snatched conversations and informal bargains that are the real key to reaching a deal.