ACT Alliance Appeal: Emergency response to Conflict Crisis in Burundi

by Arnold Ambundo | | ACT Alliance - Switzerland
Friday, 22 April 2016 10:02 GMT

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Burundi: Emergency Response to Conflict Crisis

Appeal Target: US$ 2,266,903
Balance Requested: US$ 2,166,903 

Geneva, 21 April, 2016

The situation in Burundi remains volatile with increased reports of abductions and killings within the country’s capital, Bujumbura. Human Rights Watch has documented an alarming new pattern of abductions and possible disappearances, particularly since December, 2015. Many of those arrested or missing are presumed dead. Since the December attacks, the regime is further cracking down on the few dissenting voices that have not fled the country and its Imbonerakure militia is taking an ever more prominent position in the fracturing security forces.

The refugee exodus continues into neighboring countries at a rate of 1,000 arrivals per day. UNHCR estimates that 245,617 refugees have left their country since April 1st 2015, with 129,748 in Tanzania, 73 867 in Rwanda, 21, 156 in Uganda and 20,846 in DRC. The effects of prolonged instability continue to have a significant toll on Burundians who have remained in the country. Within Burundi, it is estimated that 25,081 have been internally displaced, many of whom have lost their means of livelihood. In addition, severe hunger and malnutrition have begun to take hold to take hold.

ACT Alliance members in Burundi are concerned about the deterioration of the situation in Burundi and the impact on the economy and their livelihood systems. The members (LWF, Christian Aid and NCA) are planning to respond through food and non-food items distribution, GBV and protection, social cohesion, WASH, agri-cultural support to communities to restore their livelihoods, ensure food security and instill resilience in the affected communities.

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