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Frontline Insight: Who is London for?

Frontline Insight: Who is London for?

Residents and whole communities in London are being displaced by rising rents and a lack of affordable homes and will suffer the effects for generations to come, according to author and campaigner Anna Minton.

The current housing industry is “simply supplying investments, safety deposit boxes in the sky” for international capitals. Property is a commodity now. It’s not meeting people's needs,” Minton said.

The author identifies council estate regeneration, where local authorities demolish and rebuild older residential blocks, often reducing the number of affordable homes, as the main driver of displacement.

“What is at stake is the home you've lived in for years, your children continuing to go to the same school, having the same networks. It’s people’s entire lives which are at risk here.”

Frontline Insight is a new opinion series from the Thomson Reuters Foundation in which speakers from the Frontline Club in London share their views on a range of topics.