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Too Young to Marry, By Asmah

Too Young to Marry, By Asmah

by Theirworld / Rosie-Lyse Thompson and Jessica Bryant

* Any views expressed in this video are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Education in emergencies continues to be neglected globally, despite world leaders pledging there would be ‘No Lost Generation’ of children as a result of the Syrian crisis.

As part of Theirworld’s #YouPromised campaign, the charity provided video cameras to four Syrian refugee children who have not been to school since the start of the war, to document their daily lives over six months and highlight why urgent action is needed.

Through four powerful short films Asmah, Rojeen, Mustafah and Bassam, aged between 12 and 16, share the reality of their lives as refugee children living in Turkey. They highlight the injustice and dangers that can arise, including early marriage, teenage pregnancy, child labour and exploitation, when world leaders break their promises to children in crisis situations and kept out of education.

The first in the series follows young mother Asmah, who married at 12 and is now 15. Asmah has two children and is unable to attend school and fulfil her dream of being an art teacher. Asmah suffers from post-traumatic stress and often struggles to cope with the pressures of marrying early and taking care of her toddler and newborn, keeping them safe in an unfamiliar city. She hopes one day to return to education.