Forests and climate change

Protecting forests, which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to curb climate change, and planting more trees can help. But forests are under threat around the world from agricultural expansion, timber cutting and other threats. What is being done to try and protect them?

Urbanisation, commercial farms threaten Asia's forests: UN Rina Chandran
Zimbabwe forests fall, tightening screws on wood-short carpenters Marko Phiri
From Madagascar to Brazil, researchers pick best spots to replant Michael Taylor
Singaporeans head to fire hotspot in Indonesia to tackle haze Michael Taylor
Cambodians try out smartphones to track - and ease - climate woes Jeffrey Barbee
Protected forests to grow under new rules, says palm oil watchdog Michael Taylor
Ghana cocoa farmers harness the law to save forests Nellie Peyton
Colombia seen losing deforestation battle in war-hit areas Anastasia Moloney
California split over carbon trading plan for tropical forests Kimberley Brown
Falling coffee prices mean falling forests - US coffee czar Sebastien Malo
Instant forest? 'Tree hopping' takes off in Kenya Kagondu Njagi
Satellite tech offers near real-time view of deforestation Reuters
Diesel or solar: Could push to power Philippines be greener? Alanah Torralba
Inside Amazon reserve, high-end chocolate thrives with forest Chris Arsenault and Karla Mendes
Philanthropies pledge $450 million to save forests, climate Sebastien Malo
Branching out: greener charcoal takes root in eastern Kenya Isaiah Esipisu
Pakistan's incoming government pledges to plant billions of trees Rina Saeed Khan
Mozambique reforms timber sector to counter illegal logging  Emma Farge
Plant trees in refugee camps to stop forest loss and conflict: UN Thin Lei Win
Appetite for destruction: Soy boom devours Brazil's savanna Reuters
Zambia exports confiscated logs in controversial timber ban Danstan Kaunda
Kenya's forest people hope reforms will stem graft and evictions Kevin Mwanza
As fruit trees fall, a hunger threat looms in Kenya Caroline Wambui
‘Narco-deforestation’ may boost disaster risks in Central America Sebastian Rodriguez
Armed with gas and cows, Kazakhstan takes aim at land degradation Thin Lei Win
Conservationists and foresters at odds over ancient Poland forest Marcello Rossi
Conservationists slam India's plan for commercial plantations Rina Chandran
'Little hope' for sacred forest restoration after Games in Korea Gregory Scruggs
Thai environment activists claim victory over housing battle Reuters
Timber to eels, agencies ramp up fight against environmental crime Zoe Tabary
As Cameroon prepares for the Africa Cup of Nations, trees fall Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Colombia's top court orders government to protect Amazon forest Anastasia Moloney
As Islamabad's trees disappear, its children lead a green push Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Brazil backs 'Guardians of the Amazon' in their war on loggers Karla Mendes
Colombia takes 'unprecedented' step to stop farms gobbling forests Anastasia Moloney
Indigenous rights boost as climate projects get $1bln Megan Rowling
Wildfire fix will take 'a period of years' to protect U.S. forests Gregory Scruggs
Brazil court upholds forestry law changes in environmental blow Reuters
"Trump Forest" hits a million trees in bid to curb climate change Sebastien Malo
With solar water, trees grow into a sturdy business in Kenya Isaiah Esipisu
Spades, saplings, sheep: Iceland battles to restore lost forests Marcello Rossi
Bring back our trees: Forest communities fight climate change Fred Pearce
In Myanmar, the future of forests and people are closely tied Harriet Lamb and Robert Barclay
As trees fall to development in Islamabad, protesters fight back Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
With deforestation rising, Colombia businesses join fightback Anastasia Moloney
"Borneo Atlas" to help palm oil buyers check on forest damage Michael Taylor
Global-warming ground zero: Chad grapples with climate damage Inna Lazareva
Refugees benefit as Kenya's herders torch an invader Anthony Langat
Brazil hopes to reward landowners for preserving Amazon forest Reuters
Want to know when Ebola will strike next? Look to the forest Nellie Peyton
Invest in forests and indigenous people to fight climate change Anna Pujol-Mazzini
Plant more trees to combat climate change - scientists Reuters
Pakistan cricket hero aims to turn green tide to political tsunami Rina Saeed Khan
Malawi deploys military to protect its fast-dwindling forests Karen Sanje
Stronger forest protection key to Amazon replanting push - experts Karla Mendes
Cameroon's forest people pay price for country's hydro ambitions Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Paying Uganda farmers not to cut down trees halved deforestation Ben Seabrook
Drought-hit Ethiopia moves to protect its dwindling forests Elias Gebreselassie
Malawi to restore trees, land covering half the country by 2030 Charles Mkoka
Gabon pledges to protect forests in drive to save Congo Basin Kieran Guilbert
Electricity price hike raises deforestation fears in Zambia Whitney Mulobela
Gas cuts risk reversing push to expand Pakistan's forests Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
As FARC disarms, Colombia's rebels to fight deforestation Anastasia Moloney
Brazil's indigenous people struggle to stave off loggers Chris Arsenault and Karla Mendes
Pangas in hand, Kenya's indigenous fire scouts take on forest loss Moraa Obiria
Indonesia president approves 2 year extension of forest moratorium Reuters
Brazil farm lobby seeks to dismantle indigenous affairs agency Reuters
Brazil, home of Amazon, rolls back environmental protection Chris Arsenault
Cameroon steps up efforts but forest loss continues Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
How to protect Peru's rainforest? Indigenous land titles: study Chris Arsenault
In Morocco's hills, tourist dollars could keep argan oil flowing Laurie Goering
Drying waterways leave a parched Nepal struggling for water K.R. Pant
Slow carbon credit sales hinder Zimbabwe forest protection Andrew Mambondiyani
Indonesia's new ally on war against haze - tribespeople Beh Lih Yi
Governments ill-equipped to protect mangroves Matthew Ponsford
In crackdown, Malawi jails illegal loggers seized in national park Jeffrey Barbee
'Billion tree tsunami' surges across northern Pakistan Rina Saeed Khan
To save forests, Tanzania considers tax on charcoal Kizito Makoye
Could restoring Latin America's cloud forests boost hydropower? Sophie Hares
Brazilian farm owners form militias to attack land activists Chris Arsenault
Mexican Maya point way to slow species loss, climate change Talli Nauman
Pre-cooked beans could turn down heat on Africa's forests Pius Sawa
Firms not yet doing enough to stop commodities destroying forest Megan Rowling
Can living fig-tree bridges save lives in a changing climate? Mike Shanahan
World's first forest bond beats expectations Reuters
Biggest threat beef lags in push to cut supply chain deforestation Megan Rowling
Failure to secure forest dweller rights risks emissions spike Rina Chandran
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