Shalom Ndiku

Legal Programme Manager, Africa

Executive summary: Shalom joined the Thomson Reuters Foundation in 2016 as Legal Programme Manager, Africa. He is responsible for TrustLaw's NGOs, Social Enterprises and Lawyers in Africa, facilitating their engagement with the service.

Languages spoken: English English Swahili

Shalom is the Legal Programme Manager for Africa, overseeing and managing TrustLaw's programme in Sub-Saharan Africa with NGOs, social enterprises and lawyers working or interested in the continent. He facilitates pro bono legal assistance for TrustLaw's members and supports various research programmes on a cross-section of uniquely African and transregional issues such as criminal justice, health rights (i.e. HIV/AIDS, FGM, etc), human trafficking, women's rights and legal reform.

Shalom has expertise in public, constitutional, extractives and environmental laws, with experience both in private practice and the non-profit sector. Before joining the Foundation, he worked at Marende and Nyaundi Associates, a boutique law firm in Kenya, handling public law, land and commercial matters. He also handled litigation matters at all levels of Kenya's judicial system, including a landmark case on land management in Kenya at the country's Supreme Court.

Shalom also worked as a Project Manager for Natural Justice, a non-profit organization of environmental lawyers, where he managed projects examining the impact that energy, extractives and large infrastructure initiatives in Africa had on the livelihoods of ordinary Africans and their unique environments, thereafter helping them protect their rights. At the same time, he was also a Research and Policy Officer with the Friends of Lake Turkana, a grassroots organization protecting environmental rights and securing the interests of people around the Lake Turkana Basin. He has a postgraduate law degree (LL.B) from the University of Cape Town and another in Industrial Psychology (B.A) from Helderberg College, both in South Africa.

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