Musimbi Kanyoro

Chief Executive Officer

Musimbi Kanyoro is the President and CEO of the Global Fund for Women and has been a passionate advocate for the health, development and human rights of women, girls and minority groups throughout her life.

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  • No longer a secret: More women leaders drive a more equal society

    By Musimbi Kanyoro/Global Fund for Women

    It's time that the power and potential of women’s leadership moved from the background to the fore – on International Women’s Day and every day

  • It’s Time To Listen to Voices of Women and Girls

    By Musimbi Kanyoro, President and CEO of Global Fund for Women and Serra Sippel, President of Center for Health and Gender Equity
  • Shaping Opportunities for Girls

    By Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro, President and CEO of Global Fund for Women and member of the Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health
  • Changing the story for women in typhoon-hit Philippines

    By Musimbi Kanyoro and Sangeeta Chowdhry

    “When night falls in areas ravaged by Typhoon Yolanda, women survivors fear for their safety from men knocking on their doors and threatening them for food”

  • Egyptian women want democracy, not "ballotocracy"

    By Global Fund for Women
  • Women:The missing ingredient

    By Musimbi Kanyoro, Global Fund for Women

    If we talk about empowering women with tools, we must also empower them with powerful information and meaningful involvement in decision-making

  • Hillary's Legacy: Women and Girls Take A Front Seat

    By musimbi-kanyoro

    President Barack Obama has made it official: women and girls and gender equality are priorities for this administration and the country. Now the real work begins, we must live up to the spirit of the directive and walk the talk in everything we do here in the U.S. and abroad.

  • End the Silence on Rape

    By musimbi-kanyoro

    In New Delhi, India and Steubenville, Ohio protestors are taking to the streets to speak out against sexual violence. People around the world need to join them.

  • Why Dr. Mukwege is Vital to the Womens Rights Movement

    By Musimbi Kanyoro

    The news was startling and saddening ? Congolese gynecologist, Dr. Denis Mukwege, who has performed surgeries on countless women physically damaged by indescribable rape, was attacked and almost killed. Dr. Mukwege's work and that of women's groups are intertwined and his bravery cannot be taken for...

  • Contraception Revisited, Again?

    By musimbi-kanyoro

    Global Fund for Women President and CEO, Musimbi Kanyoro, challenges the London Summit on Family Planning to put women, their rights and choices, front and center.


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Supporters react during a rally after Taiwan legalises same-sex marriage
A fisherman stitches nets as his child sleeps beside him along the sea coast, Kochi, India
A man herds his cattle in the river Ganga on a hot summer day in Allahabad, India
Palestinian protesters take cover during clashes with Israeli troops