Chinese artist reflects life on a collection of receipts

by Reuters
Thursday, 15 December 2016 09:37 GMT

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BEIJING, Dec 15 (Reuters) - A Chinese artist hopes to reflect the impact of monetary transactions on people's lives in a new art exhibition with works made from everyday receipts.

Beijing-based Liu Zhifeng created paintings on receipts, the artwork reflecting the nature of the transaction involved, such as a painting of a truck dumping flowers on gray earth on a receipt of an express delivery package.

"This era is just too convenient, too efficient. Whatever (service) you can think of can be provided for, and whatever you can't think of is also available," Liu told Reuters.

"My lifestyle (and art) could be a reflection of this, and a fight back at (the system). To be more blunt, it's a rebellion," he added.

Another painting, on a restaurant receipt, depicts a Chinese flag sticking out of a giant pile of meat and produce.

Liu, who arrived in Beijing in 2005 from nearby Shanxi province, feels he shares much in common with pre-modern Chinese artists who were inspired by their surroundings and lifestyle, and criticized the booming contemporary art scene in China as "out of touch" with reality and too philosophical.

"I think most artists are not producing or looking at art from the angle of our own lives," the artist said.

Liu's receipt series can be found displayed at a mini-gallery at an upscale liquor store in northwestern Beijing.

Although only six pieces are currently on display, Liu plans on opening a larger gallery when he collects enough receipts. (Reporting by Joseph Campbell)

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