FACTBOX-A United Kingdom divided over Brexit: early results of the EU election

by Reuters
Sunday, 26 May 2019 23:56 GMT

LONDON, May 27 (Reuters) - Nigel Farage's Brexit Party was set to sweep to victory in the European election, with both Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party losing support across the country, early results showed. For a menu of stories on the EU election: WHAT DO THE PRELIMINARY RESULTS SHOW? Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is on course to win while smaller pro-European Union parties are also gaining. Both the Conservatives and Labour are losing support. A BBC projection put the pro-EU Liberal Democrats on second place. Results from the East Midlands Party % of votes Brexit Party 38 Liberal Democrats 17 Labour 14 Conservatives 11 Green 11 UKIP 5 Change UK 3 Results from the North West Party % of votes Brexit Party 31 Labour 22 Liberal Democrats 17 Green 12 Conservatives 8 UKIP 4 Change UK 3 Results from the South East: Party % of votes Brexit Party 36 Liberal Democrats 26 Green 14 Conservative 10 Labour 7 Change UK 4 UKIP 2 Results from the South West Party % of votes Brexit Party 37 Liberal Democrats 23 Green 18 Conservative 9 Labour 7 UKIP 3 Change UK 3 Results from Wales: Party % of votes Brexit Party 32 Plaid Cymru 20 Labour 15 Liberal Democrats 14 Conservative 7 Green 6 UKIP 3 Results from Yorkshire & Humber Party % of votes Brexit Party 36 Labour 16 Liberal Democrats 16 Green 13 Conservative 7 UKIP 4 YP 4 Change UK 2 Results from London: Party % of votes Liberal Democrats 27 Labour 24 Brexit Party 18 Green 12 Conservative 8 Change UK 5 UKIP 2 AWP 1 Results from West Midlands: Party % of votes Brexit Party 38 Labour 17 Liberal Democrats 16 Green 11 Conservative 10 UKIP 5 Change UK 3 Results from East of England: Party % of votes Brexit Party 38 Liberal Democrats 23 Greens 13 Conservative 10 Labour 9 Change UK 4 UKIP 3 ED 1 Results from the North East: Party % of votes Brexit Party 39 Labour 19 Liberal Democrats 17 Greens 8 Conservative 7 UKIP 6 Change UK 4 WHO GETS ELECTED? The United Kingdom is divided into 12 electoral regions - nine in England, and one each for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In total it will elect 73 MEPs (Members of the European Parliament). WHAT SYSTEM IS USED? In Britain, parties submit a list of candidates for each region and voters select a party rather than an individual candidate, unless they are backing an independent. As the seats are allocated to a party, they in turn allocate them to candidates starting from the top of their list. In Northern Ireland, as votes are counted the candidate with the least votes in eliminated and their votes redistributed. This is repeated until there are only the required number of candidates left for the number of seats available. ISN'T THE UK LEAVING THE EU? Britain is taking part in the elections because it delayed the date of its exit from the EU, but its MEPs will leave the parliament when Brexit happens. WHAT WERE THE RESULTS IN 2014? Turnout: 35.6 percent MEPs % of votes UK Independence Party 24 26.77 Labour 20 24.74 Conservative 19 23.31 Green 3 7.67 Scottish National Party 2 2.4 Liberal Democrat 1 6.69 Sinn Féin 1 0.66 Democratic Unionist Party 1 0.54 Plaid Cymru 1 0.69 Ulster Unionist Party 1 0.35 Sources: UK Electoral Commission, European Parliament, regional election officials (Writing by Guy Faulconbridge and Kate Holton)

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