Water and climate change

Climate change often expresses itself in water, including droughts, extreme rainfall and flooding, sea level rise and growing water scarcity. How are people dealing with the new extremes?

Drought-hit Argentina faces water woes amid coronavirus pandemic Marcela Valente
As supplies run low, Mexico City seeks durable fix for water woes Christine Murray
With water scarce, Pakistan helps farmers grow more with less Imran Mukhtar
India's tribal farmers tap solar irrigation to cut migration Soumya Sarkar
In a thirsty world, information gaps dog a push to tap groundwater Laurie Goering
No water or work: Indian delta-dwellers pushed to the edge Subrata Nagchoudhury
As glaciers shrink, Peru sisters build reservoirs for city water Sebastian Rodriguez
Water is an under-used weapon in climate change fight, UN says Megan Rowling
Preserve, revive, restore: Indian ponds spring back to life Anuradha Nagaraj
Dry man of Europe, Poland strives to save water Thin Lei Win
Salty water in Bangkok new 'reality' as sea pushes farther inland Rina Chandran
Smart solar pumps use big data to stop Africa being sucked dry Nita Bhalla
Water politics heat up under worsening climate in Afghanistan Stefanie Glinski
Zimbabwe's parched Bulawayo rations to save dwindling water Lungelo Ndhlovu
Climate threats now dominate long-term risks, survey finds Laurie Goering
Kenya's water harvest push has a new payoff: battling coronavirus Kagondu Njagi
Zero-carbon water pumps turn Pakistan's barren mountains green Syed Muhammad Abubakar
New app predicts water-related conflict up to year in advance Emma Batha
Remote island off East Timor turns sunlight, air into water Michael Taylor
'Follow the water': Drought dries up housing for rural Namibians Kim Harrisberg
Families sleep in water lines as drought grips Zimbabwe's Bulawayo Lungelo Ndhlovu
Local water scarcity spilling over into global crisis -researchers Laurie Goering
Water harvesting has added benefit for Kenya: less flooding Caroline Wambui
Foreign ministers flag climate change as major spark for conflicts Laurie Goering
As climate shifts, Ethiopia's capital shores up water supply Dagim Terefe
More people, less water? Scientists see risks on upper Nile Laurie Goering
Climate-smart vegetables keep Kashmir fed in coronavirus crisis Athar Parvaiz
With reservoirs at risk, Sierra Leone confronts water crisis Nellie Peyton
More deals, less conflict? Cross-border water planning key: report Laurie Goering
Future shock: COVID-19 shows need to prep for climate threats Laurie Goering
'We want water' say residents as Abidjan grows drier Peter Yeung
Struggle for water intensifies as taps run dry in India Roli Srivastava
Indigenous people need a say on water rights: UN rapporteur Adela Suliman
Tech tool aims to predict water conflicts before they happen Sonia Elks
Hotels, firms cut back on water use as taps run dry in Chennai Reuters
City accused of seizing water as drought parches 'India's Detroit' Reuters
From Ikea to Gap, firms aim to use scarce water more wisely Adela Suliman
'Land of bachelors'? In parched India, no water means no wife Annie Banerji
As water disappears, parched southern Pakistan farmers march north Zofeen T. Ebrahim
'Peace ambassadors' ease water conflicts in drought-prone Kenya Caroline Wambui
'Water women' quench thirst of central India's parched villages Annie Banerji
More work, less water: India's 'Silicon Valley' faces dry times Annie Banerji
As rains falter, water harvesting eases Nepal's irrigation thirst Aadesh Subedi
'We live in fear': Facing dry times, South Africans rethink water Kim Harrisberg
Chennai needs more water? Try saving it at home, official urges Megan Rowling
Thirsty Singapore taps into innovation to secure its water future Michael Taylor
In Los Angeles 'water colony', tribes fear a parched future Laurie Goering
As sales boom, Chile's 'green gold' is blamed for water shortages Nicky Milne
As students map the weather, an Indian village bests its water woe Roli Srivastava
In Kyrgyzstan, warming brings less water - and more conflict Katie Arnold
Wetlands help protect us from floods and purify our water Zita Sebesvari and Yvonne Walz
Poor people's right to water cut off by unfair exports, supply Megan Rowling
Cities are sucking our countryside dry, scientists say Umberto Bacchi
US faces fresh water shortages due to climate change Sebastien Malo
As rains fall short, Manila trickles into a water crisis Matt Blomberg
Arab states face water emergency, urgent action needed - UN Reuters
England faces 'jaws of death' as taps set to run dry in 25 years Lin Taylor
Water-stressed Pakistan looks for billions in donations for dams Roshan Din Shad
From apples to honey, Tigray swaps famine image for resilience Thin Lei Win
'Water from air' aims to turn back Thailand's tide of plastic Marianne Bray
As groundwater runs short, water battles grow in parched Chennai Anuradha Nagaraj
'Water from air' quenches threatened girls' thirst in Kenya Benson Rioba
Solar-pumped water slakes rural Kenya's thirst for development Kagondu Njagi
In Louisiana, an appetite for oysters shields retreating shores Sebastien Malo
After eastern Zimbabwe floods, water shortages parch Harare Tonderayi Mukeredzi
As groundwater levels plunge, Lahore begins turning off taps Waqar Mustafa
In Pakistan, high mountain water pipe brings a bonus: peace Rina Saeed Khan
Ethiopia's dams threaten thousands of Kenyans Kevin Mwanza
As water bank runs dry, Uganda greens hills to soak up rain Frederick Mugira
Fearing tourist drought, Cape Town charts a new water relationship Laurie Goering
As wells dry, Zambia regulates use of groundwater Danstan Kaunda
Brazil farmers paid to "produce" water in fight against scarcity Karla Mendes
Phoenix mulls ways to quench thirst of sprawling suburbs Marcello Rossi
Thirsty to thriving? Parched Pakistani port aims to be a new Dubai Rina Saeed Khan
Enlist nature's help to quench world's growing thirst - U.N. Megan Rowling
In parched Afghanistan, drought sharpens water dispute with Iran Reuters
With an eye on the sky, Costa Rica's farmers harvest rain Sebastian Rodriguez
As water shortages grow, 'Day Zero' becomes everyday in India Rina Chandran
Water, water everywhere - but for how much longer? Megan Rowling
Kenya takes a look into the unknown: Its underground water Isaiah Esipisu
Water-smart agriculture could cut migration risk Nicole Hoey
Forced to walk miles, India water crisis hits rural women hardest Rina Chandran
In Haiti, deadly hurricane brings new life to drought-hit farmers Hervil Cherubin
Search for new urban water sparks conflict in parched Malawi Charles Pensulo
Water rationing in Brazil's capital to end by December Karla Mendes
Nairobi looks for new water to ease its growing thirst Kagondu Njagi
Solar power could save water in thirsty Middle East, North Africa Sebastien Malo
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