Climate news

Digital nomads seek sun, sea, sustainability as remote work booms
Mining firms doubt India's plan to dig deep for coal
Greek quest to save on energy bills spurs island-owned solar
On Greece's recycling islands, no trash goes to waste
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Why climate change could spark conflict
Heatwave bonus does little to keep Asia’s delivery drivers safe
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Heatwaves: What can hot countries teach us about keeping cool?
As 1.5C warming nears, interest in sun-dimming tech heats up
Portugal fights wildfires with new tactics as heatwaves raise risk
Corporate cash wanted to protect biodiversity in Malaysian forest
Without land, Bangladesh's Manta people live - and die - on boats
Market value alone is selling nature short, governments told
Can you pay an elephant to fight climate change?
Flood-hit Belgian town struggles to rebuild as fresh threats loom
Ecuador's indigenous women create center for victims of violence
Bangladesh pitches climate change defence plan in wake of floods
Uganda's illegal river sand miners boost rising flood risk
Rising heat drives crippling sandstorms across the Middle East
Mumbai turns to Twitter for help mapping India's monsoon floods
How the conservative Supreme Court is reshaping US law
Two murders in Brazil's Amazon highlight rising violence and crime
Youth street protesters turn sights on climate 'villains'
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