Amazon forest and climate change

The Amazon rainforest is crucial to maintaining a stable climate on the planet - but continuing deforestation presents a major threat to the forest and indigenous communities who live there. What is being done to try to stem it? 

Family men or forest destroyers? Meet the Amazon's gold miners Lucas Landau and Fabio Teixeira
Pandemic likely made 2020 'another devastating year' for forests Michael Taylor
How Biden could use foreign and trade policy to protect the Amazon Anastasia Moloney and Fabio Teixeira
COVID deaths dispute pits indigenous Brazilians against government Fabio Teixeira
Brazil's new climate plan lacking credibility as forests shrink Mauricio Angelo
Struck by Amazon fires, Brazilians want environmental protection Meghie Rodrigues
Global rainforest loss 'relentless' in 2020, SE Asia offers hope Michael Taylor
Can a treaty stop Latin American activists being killed? Anastasia Moloney
Norway hikes cash for rainforests, aiming to slow losses Alister Doyle
Slow rollout of COVID vaccine in Brazil leaves indigenous at risk Fabio Zuker
Planet's life-support systems need care to avert 'the next Wuhan' Laurie Goering
Tropical farmers must grow more on less land, as policies shift Michael Taylor
Amazon indigenous activist wins ‘Green Nobel’ prize Anastasia Moloney
WWF urges pandemic reset to stop forest loss for food production Michael Taylor
As Amazon blazes surge, firefighting proves a challenge Lucas Landau
Amazon indigenous leader wins Robert Kennedy rights award Fabio Zuker
Amazon losses help drive growing wildfires elsewhere in Brazil Fabio Zuker
Big investors fall short on policies to halt Amazon deforestation Thin Lei Win
'It burned everything': Fires surge on Brazil indigenous land Mauricio Angelo
Indigenous leaders count on Biden to help save Amazon forest Anastasia Moloney and Fabio Teixeira
Surge in forest loss seen if Brazil reserves opened to mining Mauricio Angelo
Quarantined Ecuador indigenous groups fight Amazon oil spill Kimberley Brown
Brazil ruling sparks fears indigenous land could go to farmers Fabio Zuker
Inside the war against illegal gold mining in Peru's Amazon Max Baring, Dan Collyns and Anastasia Moloney
Debt swaps could free cash to tame climate, nature & virus threats Laurie Goering
Starting gun fired on hunt for billions to fund nature protection Megan Rowling
'Nobody has done anything': Amazon group decries illegal mining Fabio Zuker
Mapping environmental crime seen as key to slowing Amazon losses Mauricio Angelo
In virus-hit Amazon, fire season threatens overtaxed health system Fabio Zuker
Brazil slashes climate change budget as deforestation spikes Mauricio Angelo
Amazon roads could harm economies not just forests Anastasia Moloney
Brazil indigenous village banishes miners to cut coronavirus risk Mauricio Angelo
As Amazon fire season looms, smoke and virus could be 'a disaster' Mauricio Angelo
COVID-19 fears grow for isolated indigenous people in Brazil Mauricio Angelo
Flying high: Brazilian tribe watches over forest with drones Fabio Teixeira
Scientists warn forest fires could worsen coronavirus harm Megan Rowling
Colombia receives multi-million funding boost to protect forests Anastasia Moloney
Brazil's indigenous seed collectors in demand for forest revival Laurie Goering
Reporting off the grid: my visit to a tribe in Brazil's Amazon Fabio Teixeira
War or peace? A threatened Brazilian tribe weighs its options Fabio Teixeira
Indigenous leaders fear Amazon port could be conduit for COVID-19 Mauricio Angelo
Can planting trees really stop climate change? Thomson Reuters Foundation
Brazil sees week of 'attacks' on indigenous rights - congresswoman Fabio Teixeira
Amazon emissions lowest from indigenous and protected lands Anastasia Moloney
Forest monitoring gets a boost from Japan space agency data Thin Lei Win
Colombia's Amazon tribes tap into rainforest protection funds Anastasia Moloney
Indigenous groups rally to protect Latin America's forests Megan Rowling
Colombia's Amazon forest gets boost with $366 mln protection fund Anastasia Moloney
Protected status not enough to guard threatened nature reserves Rosa Furneaux
As Amazon leaders meet, scientists warn of fiery future for forest Anastasia Moloney
Fire-setting Amazon farmers not 'villains', just poor: politicians Fabio Teixeira
Colombia's indigenous tribes share secrets to safeguard Amazon Anastasia Moloney
Indigenous tribes fear hard year ahead after Amazon fires Fabio Teixeira
Brazil's former minister calls wildfires 'crime against humanity' Anastasia Moloney
Scientists question mass tree planting as climate change panacea Michael Taylor
Children struggle to breathe as smoke chokes Amazon city Fabio Teixeira
Ecuador tribe wins legal battle over the Amazon Anastasia Moloney
Colombia seen losing deforestation battle in war-hit areas Anastasia Moloney
Fears over Amazon violence as 'forest guardians' battle logging Karla Mendes
World's forests 'in emergency room' after years of losses Adela Suliman
California split over carbon trading plan for tropical forests Kimberley Brown
Colombia's top court orders government to protect Amazon forest Anastasia Moloney
Brazil backs 'Guardians of the Amazon' in their war on loggers Karla Mendes
Colombia takes 'unprecedented' step to stop farms gobbling forests Anastasia Moloney
Brazil court upholds forestry law changes in environmental blow Reuters
Satellite tech offers near real-time view of deforestation Reuters
Philanthropies pledge $450 million to save forests, climate Sebastien Malo
With deforestation rising, Colombia businesses join fightback Anastasia Moloney
Brazil hopes to reward landowners for preserving Amazon forest Reuters
Invest in forests and indigenous people to fight climate change Anna Pujol-Mazzini
Plant more trees to combat climate change - scientists Reuters
Stronger forest protection key to Amazon replanting push - experts Karla Mendes
Inside Amazon reserve, high-end chocolate thrives with forest Chris Arsenault and Karla Mendes
As FARC disarms, Colombia's rebels to fight deforestation Anastasia Moloney
Brazil's indigenous people struggle to stave off loggers Chris Arsenault and Karla Mendes
How to protect Peru's rainforest? Indigenous land titles: study Chris Arsenault
Bid to reduce Amazon reserves tallies with mining proposals-WWF Nadia Pontes
World Bank disputes report tying Peru loans to Amazon destruction Chris Arsenault
Brazilian farm owners form militias to attack land activists Chris Arsenault
Firms not yet doing enough to stop commodities destroying forest Megan Rowling
Failure to secure forest dweller rights risks emissions spike Rina Chandran
Biggest threat beef lags in push to cut supply chain deforestation Megan Rowling
Inside Brazil's battle to save the Amazon Chris Arsenault
The numbers behind Brazil's fight on Amazon deforestation Chris Arsenault
Don't blame cocaine for South American forest loss, study says Chris Arsenault
Protection of Amazon could fuel "fourth industrial revolution" Chris Arsenault
Amazon biodiversity at risk despite Brazil forest law: study Chris Arsenault
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