PHOTO BLOG: "When I grow up" - Children in humanitarian crises

Source: None - Fri, 19 Aug 2016 09:15 AM
Author: UN OCHA/Vincent Tremeau
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 "When I Grow Up" is a series of pictures documenting the hopes of young people affected by humanitarian crises who are struggling to grow up in a world where their rights are regularly denied or abused.

Aged between 6 and 18 years old, the children and youth are photographed dressing up in the outfits of the adults they want to become.

“When I Grow Up”, launched on World Humanitarian Day on August 19 by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is on display in two locations in New York: the Visitor’s Lobby of the United Nations (7 August – 14 October) and in Brooklyn Bridge Park (16 August – 21 October), in collaboration with the New York City Parks department.

  • Elia.

    "I don’t know my age. I don’t go to school. One day, I will be a soldier. Because the soldiers, they arrest people. One day they even arrested my father and asked him a lot of money. My father, he raped someone, that is why they arrested him. And he had to give 20 USD to the soldiers to be free to go. So me too, I want to become a soldier to arrest people and ask them to give me money. "

  • Habou Lamirou

    "I want to be a driver so I can help my parents."

  • Chandi, Basket Weaver, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    “I would like to learn how to make baskets because it will help me, my future children and my little brothers and sisters. Maybe I will get married to someone irresponsible, dirty or even alcoholic. If I have to get married with such a husband, I will sell my baskets to pay for my children’s school expenses and to buy them food.”

    Photo by Vincent Tremeau, 2015.

  • Issouf, Chicken Farmer, Mali.

    “I want to be a chicken farmer like my father, and also because I like chicken.”

    Photo by Vincent Tremeau, 2015

  • Aladi, Diamond Collector, Central African Republic.

    “One day, I want to be a diamond collector.”

    Photo by Vincent Tremeau, 2014

  • Amadou, Herder, Central African Republic.

    "One day I will be a herder like my father used to be.”

    Photo by Vincent Tremeau, 2014

  • Aicha, Lawyer, Niger.

    “I come from Damassak in Nigeria. I would like to become a lawyer so I can defend people’s rights. I was born with a disability, but I tend to forget about my handicap because I want to achieve my goal in life. I have been a refugee in Niger for 8 months now. I am happy here.”

    Photo by Vincent Tremeau, 2016

  • Françoise, Nurse, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    “I am 15 years old and I have a child named Chance. He is 1 year old. When I go to school, I am not ashamed of anything. But others cannot understand why I am a student while I already have a child. I tell them that if I study, it is precisely because I want to help my child.”

  • David, President, Mali.

    "I want to be the President of Mali because it is a good job and also there is a lot of money in it. I would work well for my country."

    Photo by Vincent Tremeau, 2015

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