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Climate news

What will King Charles's reign mean for climate action?
Indian coal hub juggles need for jobs with hope for greener future
African leaders aim to put climate finance top of COP27 agenda
As seas rise, U.S. coastal landowners urged to let the water in
Low-carbon bitcoin? Crypto miners' green power talk angers Texans
'Start my life from zero': Pakistanis face heavy cost of floods
Where's the beef? Brazil balances barbecues and forest protection
Global crises may drive 'giant leap' for climate action
Will Pakistan floods spur better climate disaster planning?
Obscure energy pact threatens huge state losses for climate action
Death and deforestation: Cocaine trade adds to Amazon's woes
Pakistan floods deal fresh blow to struggling small businesses
Heat or eat? Winter protests loom as energy poverty sweeps Europe
Solar power brings Bangladesh work, but land shortage slows growth
Flash mobs and YouTubers boost India anti-coal mining protest
SOS! Scientists sound climate alarm with exclamation mark
Cholera tragedy in Indian village sheds light on power debts
Migrants share lessons with U.S. to improve climate resilience
Solar power helps Indian women make light work of spinning
Can Indonesia's Muslim leaders boost public climate action?
As Europe's forests burn, why are wildfires getting worse?
Greening the Himalayas: Is there a 'wrong' place to plant trees?
Sewage beer: What can we learn from Singapore's water recycling?
In Afghanistan, a wrenching choice between drought and migration
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