Climate news

Can Europe survive without Russian oil? Nuclear power may be key
Charging for wasted water helps Kenyan farmers get a fair share
As California burns, green group finds new way to halt development
Extreme heat kills at least 25 in India's Maharashtra state
Drought-hit Zimbabweans cut poverty by breeding bigger goats
'Surprise' urban Malaysia floods drive pleas for climate action
Legalising Bangladesh e-taxis could drive safer, greener industry
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Earth Focus: For the Love of the Land
As living costs jump, climate change takes a backseat in elections
Chemical industry fights U.S. government move to ban asbestos
Global tropical forest loss falls in 2021 but outlook bleak
Wet weather curbs forest loss in 2021 but world far off ending it
As India swelters under extreme heat, Modi warns of fire risk
Here's how to reverse Africa's land degradation
Can tech help hold climate polluters to their net-zero pledges?
US to boost jobs, curb emissions by plugging old oil and gas wells
Humanity on 'spiral of self-destruction' as disasters rise
U.S. firefighters on climate frontlines sound alarm over staffing
Zimbabwe's women-only rangers fight poachers and poverty
Recycling needed to meet Europe's green metals needs: study
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Earth Focus: You Are Where You Live
U.S. bitcoin mining under fire for climate, energy impact
Solar geoengineering predicted to shift malaria risk in tropics
How an obscure energy treaty could thwart climate action
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