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UK 'not prepared' for climate threats, from heat to food shortages
Forest fire smoke threatens COVID-recovering Amazon communities
What is the COP15 biodiversity summit, and why is it so important?
Recycling cotton can save Bangladesh fashion firms $500 mln a year
Bosnian woman awarded 'Green Nobel' for fighting to save river
Axa Investment Managers expands deforestation exclusions
More China coal investments overseas cancelled since 2017 - study
San Francisco nearing vote to slash refinery pollution with tech
Dems to Biden: No climate provisions, no vote on infrastructure
G7 brightens outlook for nature pact, pandemic threatens deadline
Amid climate, social shocks, U.S. cities put faith in community
Britain's biggest investor drops AIG from some funds over climate
Climate activists target Norway at human rights court
Winners of 'Green Nobel' fight deforestation, coal power
EU, U.S. to work on climate, dodge coal's end date: draft
Global fossil fuel use similar to decade ago in energy mix: report
Game-changer? G7 climate pledge could shift Asia coal use
NATO to tackle climate change for first time
Jamaica's COVID recovery push threatens green aims
Soviet plant turned into green urban space in western Ukraine
With Trump gone, NATO wages war on climate threat
IMF eyes new trust to provide aid to broader group of countries
Swiss reject law to help country meet Paris carbon emissions goal
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G7 climate commitments judged too weak to bag COP26 success
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