Climate news

Africa calls for climate finance tracker after donors fall short
'Giving life to dying land': Solar pumps quench thirsty farms
UK to increase grants to help homeowners ditch gas boilers
How green champion Sweden could end up exporting its carbon sins
Invest in clean energy to tackle COVID jobs crisis, climate change
China's rocky road on biodiversity beyond rosy UN summit
Remote Russian permafrost thaws, threatening homes, infrastructure
EXPLAINER-Sticking points at the U.N. climate conference
Costa Rica, Milan among winners of Prince William Earthshot prize
Canadian Arctic city confirms high levels of fuel in water supply
White House unveils climate risk plan for federal projects
U.S. overhauls flood insurance to meet rising climate change risks
China's Xi will not attend COP26 in person, UK PM told -report
Britain's queen irritated by leaders who are just talk on climate
Australia PM Morrison says he will attend U.N. climate summit
Greece closes services, restricts traffic as storm set to worsen
Turkey set to get 3.1 bln euro loans to help Paris climate goals
Sicily bans solar park as archaeologists fight environmentalists
French court orders state to honour climate commitments
'It's our stuff': consumers wage right-to-repair revolution
Agri-tech digital tools boost crops for farmers across Africa
Climate change, pollution and dams threaten Iraq’s Marsh Arabs
Moon dust: Greenland's recipe for saving Planet Earth
UK's Prince William urges focus on saving Earth not space travel
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