Climate news

Thunberg says COP26 is time for leaders to be honest
China launches biodiversity protection fund for developing nations
U.N. panel says it can't rule on climate case brought by Thunberg
Global carbon capture projects surge 50% in 9 months -research
Coming off the fence, Australian PM likely to attend COP26 summit
No end in sight for deforestation as funding falls short
It's down to world leaders to honour climate pledges - COP26 chief
Climate action at COP26 could save millions of lives, WHO says
More vaccines, climate help needed for poorer nations- say UN, NAM
At UN talks, China vows to include biodiversity in economic plans
Why are power outages paralyzing Lebanon?
What is the COP15 biodiversity summit, and why does it matter?
World has reached 'moment of truth' on conservation - UN
Indigenous leaders urge stronger rights as UN nature summit begins
Thomas Lovejoy warns of peril to Amazon's 'living library'
UN urges more spending on species protection as pact talks begin
UN declares access to a clean environment a human right
China: Protecting nature a 'priority' ahead of biodiversity talks
Indian anti-mining protesters revive resistance to protect forest
Beyond coal: End to deforestation sought at COP26 climate summit
We need more, EU and U.S. urge China ahead of climate summit
South Africa should not rush move away from coal, minister says
Development banks linked to nature loss worth $800 bln per year
Climate change set to worsen resource degradation, conflict
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