Climate news

Surge in greenhouse gases sustained despite COVID lockdowns: UN
Kenyan villagers nurture local springs as founts of clean water
After Storm Iota, Colombian survivors vow to rebuild
British billionaire aims to force companies to act on climate
UK companies seen missing sustainability targets due to COVID-19
Insurers float fast flood protection, as UK fails to confront risk
As drownings rise, communities in icy regions adapt to warming
UN approves ban on heavy ship fuel in Arctic
EU plans tight car CO2 limits under green finance rules
Indian teen's solar iron smooths a pressing problem: forest loss
Storm deaths rise in Central America as Honduras pleads for help
China-led shift to electric vehicles to help end 'oil era' - study
China's carbon neutrality pledge undermined by coal power plans
Wildlife diseases poised to spread northwards as climate changes
Young negotiators 'scream' for change from sluggish climate action
Hondurans who fled hurricanes face coronavirus in crowded shelters
Heatwaves caused record deaths as Britain struggled with COVID-19
French court gives Macron deadline to show he's serious on climate
Briton sets sail on zero carbon trip around the world
U.N. urges Europe to cut carbon emissions by 55% by 2030
Emissions from industry, farms and forests endanger climate goals
European Union plans mammoth expansion of offshore wind farms
Africa shrugs off net-zero push without finance to follow
Under-investment set to delay clean energy for poor 'by decades'
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