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Security risks and climate change

Climate change is one of the top security risks for the 21st century, military and other risk experts say, as it brings everything from worsening storms, floods, droughts and fires to worsening displacement and conflicts over land and resources

Not personal enough: Why climate change is not yet a top priority Laurie Goering
Foreign ministers flag climate change as major spark for conflicts Laurie Goering
Facing the double burden of climate change and conflict Catherine-Lune Grayson
Future shock: COVID-19 shows need to prep for climate threats Laurie Goering
'Perfect storm': Haiti COVID-19 peak to collide with hurricanes Anastasia Moloney
Climate change seen endangering lives of Canada's First Nations Jack Graham
As supplies run low, Mexico City seeks durable fix for water woes Christine Murray
Climate change a 'catastrophic' security threat, experts warn Matthew Lavietes
Water conflicts set to rise amid demand growth and climate impacts Anastasia Moloney
Shrinking water supplies threaten to put Iraq 'on the edge' Laurie Goering
New app predicts water-related conflict up to year in advance Emma Batha
Prepare now for accelerating climate threats: military officials Laurie Goering
Climate change threatens half of U.S. military sites Sebastien Malo
NATO lawmakers warn climate change may worsen Middle East security Alex Whiting
Somaliland drought a "nightmare" and security threat Laurie Goering
Boko Haram violence could fuel European migrant crisis Kieran Guilbert
Climate pressures threaten political stability - security experts Laurie Goering
Obama: climate change poses risk to US military, national security Roberta Rampton
Patchwork solution on horizon for people fleeing disasters Megan Rowling
Drought, expanding deserts and food for jihad drive Mali conflict Chris Arsenault
Over-consumption, climate change threaten food, water security Magda Mis
Climate shifts threaten Pakistan's food and water security: report Waqar Mustafa
Climate stresses push Kashmir's poor into militancy - experts Roshan Din Shad
Insurance for Ethiopian herders aims to combat drought, conflict Elias Gebreselassie
Expect conflict when leasing inhabited land to business - report Thomson Reuters Foundation
Conservation cooperation a 'matter of survival' for Arabs SciDev.Net - Ola Al-Ghazawy
Philippines mulls disaster insurance for local governments Imelda V. Abano
Climate risk assessments need to go big Francesco Femia and Caitlin Werrell
How to make climate migration a solution, not a problem Megan Rowling
CAR fighters must embrace farming to end conflict - FAO official Chris Arsenault
Concerns growing over worsening food security in Sri Lanka Amantha Perera
World food security at risk as crop yields plateau Jake Lucas
Could big bills from extreme weather drive climate action? Laurie Goering
Address security issues for climate resilience - study Erin Berger
Climate migration complex, but planning can help - experts Laurie Goering
Food security weakening "on a scale we haven't seen" Laurie Goering
Security lens for climate change brings risks - academics Jon Christianson
'Loss and damage mechanism' born amid rising climate costs Megan Rowling
Worse extreme weather may bring 'permanent emergencies' Laurie Goering
West, Central African security force to guard forests, seas Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Climate change will reshape world 'in 20 years' - World Bank Laurie Goering
Disasters displaced 32 mln in 2012, rising trend forecast Megan Rowling
Insurance could cut climate risks, ease 'loss and damage' Laurie Goering
Disaster risk must be part of new development goals Megan Rowling
Treat climate change as seriously as national security - report Reuters
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