Slavery news

Chinese apps join celebs in backlash against Western fashion brand
Muji store operator concerns about forced labour in Xinjiang
Coronavirus fallout traps more Congolese girls in sex work
Thailand orders lingerie maker to compensate workers in rare case
India's next generation of tea pickers want land, not jobs
Tuna brands making 'glacial progress' in tackling modern slavery
Indian film shows hardship and hope of migrants' lockdown journeys
Lack of evidence, money hurting Bangladesh trafficking cases
Reports of suspected slavery stall in UK due to coronavirus
Uber minimum wage ruling: what it means to a struggling driver
U.N. forced labour drive hits target with backing of 50 nations
UK lawmakers call for blacklist of firms linked to Uighur abuses
Brexit farm workers scheme found fueling risk of slavery in UK
Fashion brands urged to fix 'broken industry' with pledge on worke
UK urged to create garment industry watchdog to tackle labour abus
Thai airport workers stage protest over labour conditions
Hard hit by COVID-19, migrants seen facing 'invisible wall'
Women take fight against 'sexist' dictionaries to Italy
Uighurs take case against Beijing Games to IOC ethics chief
UK's Boohoo urged to link bonuses to improved worker rights
TikTok domestic worker shows the positives of life in Lebanon
Congolese teens drive motorbike taxis for work as COVID-19 bites
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In Addis Ababa, a beauty salon is a safe space for sex workers
Ethiopia's migrants turn to sex work as pandemic sends them home
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