Land news

U.S. urged to boost transitional housing for homeless youth
Fast fashion spurs bleach-like pollution of Africa's rivers
Merkel says Germany may need to rescue 10,000 from Afghanistan
U.S. judge will not block new COVID-19 residential eviction ban
Swiss suspend deportations to Afghanistan amid security concerns
Indigenous land dispute dogs Amazon's Africa expansion
Spanish engineers extract drinking water from thin air
Bolsonaro's 'land grab' bill passes Brazil's lower house
New Zealand housing crisis sparks human rights inquiry
U.S. COVID-19 eviction ban expires, leaving renters at risk
Indigenous groups urge Biden to protect sacred sites
Senegalese plant gardens in Green Wall defence against desert
Are World Heritage Site listings a blessing or a curse?
U.S. housing accelerates, building permits skid to eight-month low
California considers 'managed retreat' from rising Pacific
Hydropower push leaves Pakistani Kashmir's capital hot, bothered
As Canada heads to vote, Trudeau vulnerable over indigenous issues
U.S. 'loophole' can push organic farmers to destroy wildland
How will Brazil's energy privatization law affect climate change?
Peru's indigenous tribes use tech to track Amazon deforestation
Are 3D-printed schools a solution to Africa's classroom shortage?
Uganda helps farmers grow tree plantations to reverse forest loss
Canadian indigenous group takes charge of child welfare services
FACTBOX-Unmarked graves found at Canadian former school sites
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