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Twitter called out for removing critical COVID tweets in India
Tech solutions come to the rescue after Cape Town university fire
India's COVID-19 meltdown exposes new front in digital divide
U.S. climate summit exposes perils of online diplomacy
Russia's Sberbank rolling out face-recognition payments
EU seeks global standards for AI, civil rights groups fret
Amazon to let Whole Foods shoppers pay with a swipe of their palm
Mexican judge moves against biometric cellphone registry
In Brazil, smartphone initiative keeps indigenous languages alive
EU urged to ban AI tools that detect gender, sexuality
Mid-year UN climate talks to go ahead virtually in 'crucial year'
Digital divide hampers elderly people seeking vaccine in Stockholm
In COVID-19's shadow, migrants find solace in online iftars
Fears of vaccine exclusion as India uses digital ID
Is 'frugal innovation' Africa's ticket to green development?
Buying diamonds in lockdown? WhatsApp can be your best friend
German regulator acts to halt 'illegal' WhatsApp data collection
'COVID wake-up call': Black entrepreneurs level playing field
How computer mapping could help fix polluted U.S. neighborhoods
Lahore to Lucknow, crimes against women spur more surveillance
Canada to raise safety along notorious "Highway of Tears"
After Myanmar coup, printed newsletter keeps protesters informed
Arabs talk sex and taboos on Clubhouse app, but for how long?
As U.S. cities embrace tech, cyberattacks pose real-world risks
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