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Startups eye metaverse, NFTs, to solve Africa's economic woes
Can an EU law save children from harmful content online?
After Roe v. Wade, healthcare data privacy fears grow worldwide
U.S. cities home in on tech have-nots - from immigrants to seniors
G20 watchdog to propose first global crypto rules in October
Twitter battles India for control of social media content
US online grocery delivery boom helps open up access to fresh food
Twitter pursues review of Indian orders to take down content
EU lawmakers pass landmark tech rules, but enforcement a worry
Mumbai turns to Twitter for help mapping India's monsoon floods
EU seeks deal on ground-breaking rules to regulate crypto
U.S. tech industry frets about handing data to states prosecuting
Online disinformation stokes tensions as Kenya elections near
Crypto finds new value in crisis zones as investors flee crash
Meta and other tech giants form metaverse standards body
Uber, Lyft drivers claim price-fixing in lawsuit against companies
Social media firms targeted by US states over online abuse fears
As young Africans push to be online, data cost stands in the way
Nigeria to require social media platforms to open local offices
India's new VPN rules spark fresh fears over online privacy
Sri Lankans turn to social media for help as economic crisis bites
Africa's homegrown online platforms take on Silicon Valley
Singapore's robot workforce plugs labour gaps
Africa's mobile money taxes could push poor out of digital economy
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