Technology news

In Botswana, heavy metal bands' fame and fortune grow in pandemic
Boost for blockchain in China as Xinhua to issue photos as NFTs
Cambodia aims hybrid digital currency on blockchain at unbanked
Online content moderation: Can AI help clean up social media?
Into the metaverse: Nike creates 'NIKELAND' on Roblox
Boeing wants to build its next airplane in the 'metaverse'
Botswana to diversify from diamond mining to tech
Grindr fine cut to $7 mln in Norway data privacy case
In Thailand Muslim south, phones cut off in surveillance crackdown
Deepfake anyone? AI synthetic media tech enters perilous phase
South Korea to test AI facial recognition to track COVID-19 cases
Rohingya lawsuit against Facebook 'wake-up call' for social media
Head of US Senate panel asks for into probe Facebook ad practices
US risks 'chilling' regulations on crypto, industry warns Congress
Rohingya refugees sue Facebook for billions over Myanmar violence
U.S. labor movement's next frontier is the tech industry
Russian bans for tech giants is last resort, Interfax reports
Facebook could be sued by consumer groups, EU court adviser says
Google to ban political advertising ahead of Philippine election
Australia raises possibility of more legislation on tech giants
AI vigilantes fuel censorship fears in Russian cyberspace
Russia says Twitter mobile slowdown is to remain
In India, cyber crime volunteers root out anti-government content
Black Friday buy-now-pay-later spree fuels debt fears for Britons
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