Coronavirus news

COVID-19 smartphone app finally launches in England and Wales
IMF official warns coronavirus to weigh on economies for years
Locked up during COVID-19: Costly phone calls strain families
China pledge and Biden win could move climate goals into view
Twin 'crises' of climate and COVID hammering millions: Red Cross
Pandemic slashes worldwide income from work by a tenth - ILO
Paper cuts: U.S. coronavirus downturn hits timber-reliant towns
Cities pledge to divest from fossil fuels to boost green recovery
What India's digital health plan means for privacy
Demand climate regulation, Harvard economist urges big businesses
Coronavirus rumours mar Burkina Faso's malaria fight
Russian landlords feel the pinch as COVID-19 hits incomes and rent
Indian street vendors 'shattered' as coronavirus wrecks trade
India's Nobel laureate fears upsurge in child labour amid pandemic
Greta Thunberg: Climate strikers plan 'safe' return to protests
In pandemic spotlight, public banks ponder a greener role
More children wed, risk trafficking in Rohingya camps in pandemic
Digital rights legal fund targets COVID-19 violations with grants
Colombian tribe left homeless by fighting and coronavirus
Singapore, Helsinki and Zurich top list of world's smartest cities
Argentine families occupy land as pandemic stokes poverty
Fear of more corona-like pandemics as land rights 'under siege'
Defying fatwa, Iraqis flock to COVID cemetery to exhume dead
Protests and pandemic push Hong Kong social enterprises to brink
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