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Bulgaria's Roma say some coronavirus measures are discriminatory Reuters
Cannes opens its doors to homeless after film festival delayed Reuters
Central Americans forced out of homes by urban gangs Christine Murray
As coronavirus forces lockdowns, city dwellers head to parks Rina Chandran
Thai migrant workers exposed in coronavirus lockdown Rina Chandran
Barcelona turns shipping containers into affordable homes Sophie Davies
Water shortage fears jump in Jordan amid coronavirus lockdown Ban Barkawi
In efforts to curb coronavirus, U.S. cities pause water shutoffs Carey L. Biron
Poor Indians flee to villages as coronavirus measures take toll Reuters
California's stay-at-home order leaves homeless on street Reuters
On French Riviera, overhead police drone gives coronavirus orders Reuters
'My hands are my tractor': Urban gardens take root in Johannesburg Kim Harrisberg
7 initiatives to fight a coronavirus housing crisis Amber Milne
'There are no funerals:' Quarantine death leaves nowhere to grieve Reuters
Israel's top court hears challenge to coronavirus cyber-monitoring Reuters
60,000 California homeless could get coronavirus in coming weeks Reuters
Coronavirus could cut costs in world's most expensive cities Ban Barkawi
Coronavirus chases slum dwellers of Latin America Oscar Lopez and Anastasia Moloney
In Kenya slums, community leaders step up to coronavirus challenge Reuters
From food to tech, coronavirus to spur urban planning rethink Rina Chandran
In slums and windowless flats, Asia poor bear brunt of coronavirus Rina Chandran
Under watch: Indian city workers protest digital surveillance Anuradha Nagaraj
Crowded, poor South Asia sees steady rise in coronavirus cases Reuters
Sufi cultural sites caught in crossfire of Libya civil war Layli Foroudi
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