LGBT+ news

Arabs talk sex and taboos on Clubhouse app, but for how long?
'Moffie' director Hermanus on addressing racism and homophobia
Christian group launches campaign to get Folau back into NRL
Arkansas first U.S. state to ban treatments for transgender youth
Arkansas governor vetoes bill that would bar transgender treatment
Jail time for trans women in Cameroon extended after trial delay
Same-sex marriage around the world, 20 years after Dutch first
Couples mark 20th anniversary of world's first same-sex marriage
How transgender rights became the focus of a U.S. culture war
England rugby proposes height, weight limits for trans women
Celebrities defend trans rights, rejecting wave of U.S. laws
Lil Nas X's satanic music video 'liberating' for Black gay men
LinkedIn embraces global trend for gender pronouns options
Arkansas vote to bar youth trans treatment puts drugs in spotlight
Arkansas legislature votes to ban transgender treatments for youth
Ohio professor who rejected trans pronouns can sue university
Germany bans surgeries on intersex babies, but loopholes feared
UK court rules in favour of parental consent in trans treatment
Turkish police detain 12 at Bogazici university protest
Transgender politicians and government officials around the world
New banknote celebrates WW2 code-breaker Alan Turing
No science to back blanket ban on trans women in sport: study
In UK 2021 census, binary male or female question is controversial
U.S. senators spar over landmark LGBT+ equality bill
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