Food news

Yemeni children face malnourishment amid aid shortage, coronavirus
Foreign ministers flag climate change as major spark for conflicts
US agencies get power to fast-track big infrastructure projects
Rich world's jobs crisis jolts money flows to millions
Cooked for climate, UAE's high-tech food plan pays off in pandemic
Pakistan readies for second battle against crop-devouring locusts
New Zealand's school climate-change curriculum vexes farmers
Zero-emission tractors, less-gassy cattle can help curb warming
A U.S. tribe's uphill battle against climate change
India's women seaweed divers swim against the climate tide
Climate shocks in just one nation could disrupt global food supply
Germany eyes measures for seasonal workers despite travel curbs
Thousands wait in shelters a year after Mozambique cyclone
Asia's love of stinky durian could help power tuk-tuks, phones
Nestle to plant 3 million trees in Mexico, Brazil to offset carbon
Zambian agri-company launches $81m farmer financing scheme
Fixing food? Investor eyes up tech entrepreneurs of the future
Governments pressed to protect nature in biodiversity 'super year'
Running out of time: East Africa faces new locust threat
Apps, blockchain help supermarkets lure climate-conscious shoppers
Kenya shuts slaughterhouses over loss of donkeys, income to China
PepsiCo adopts stricter, greener rules for palm oil in products
Arctic 'Doomsday' food vault to get millionth seed variety
India's women harvest new social status from climate-smart farming
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